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Hi all!

As a newbie in the great world of slot cars I would like to know your opinions on this.

I'm racing with Ninco BMW M3's (I actually have four) with my friends. They are easy to handle and very fun to drive.
Now I got a Audi R8C wich is a fantastic car. I would like to buy some cars of that caliber (since it would be nice to see different cars on the track).

The Porsche 956 also form Slot.i would be an idea but what a about cars from other brands?

I'm considering the Scalextric MG Lola Knighthawk, wich from what I've read should be quite good and the Ninco BMW V12 LMR ART CAR.

Wich one do you think will match the Audi?

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Thank you all for all the ideas. They're all beautiful cars and will try them out :)

McLaren! My racing is at the moment carpet racing on my 15 meter Ninco track, I've been racing with my mates. Last night I finally found the track layout I like the most and I will start building a permanent track the next couple of months.
I'm a Mac user (and there is no Ninco track layout software for it) and I don't have a PC online, but I will try to show my track as soon as possible.
I've built Phototransistors into the track and I'm using Marios excellent DOS-manager software SlotRace Manager. It works perfect.
When my permanent track is finished I will start a small club for me and my friends so we can race
...since there is no club nearby where I live (wich is strange since it's the second largest city here in Denmark).
I've been a couple of times to Le Mans so thats why I love those cars. My dad used to get his rallycar tuned at Tom Kristensens dads garage so I almost know him and I'm a big fan

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