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Slot.It Audi R8C...

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So, after a long delay, the new Audis are out and on show. But what is different, apart from the livery?

lets go see....

Initially there were two releases of the Audi R8C,

1999 Le Mans test car number 10 (used in this comparison)
1999 Snetterton 1st test 'Rollout' (the Darth Vader of the slot world

Then production stopped and a long wait ensued, ending very recently with the release of the original 1999 Press Presentation version (also used in this comparison)

Initial differences, when comparing the cars still in the boxes, are impossible to see, apart from a box design change..

Well actually that is not entirely true but it IS very hard to see. Compare the two cars in the pic above and then take a look below..

You will notice that the newer model no longer has a gap between the drivers cab wall and the side air intakes. Is this an improvement? I am not sure as I like small details like this.

Time to look closer..

What has actually happened is that Slot.It grew unhappy with their initial model manufacturers and changed to a different Company. It is this Company that have produced the shell and chassis this time round.

Changes are small but make a big difference, in my opinion, to the overall look of the model. There are two exceptions to this, one I pointed out above and the other will come at the end.

The chassis is the same albeit I fitted a reverse motor mount to my original car.
More options for the chassis will become available, including a sidewinder option and the 'step 2' chassis allowing use of the new guide as seen on the Porsches (new car is on top).

Differences begin to show when comparing the cars together, here is the front, clearly showing the improved, clearer and sharper detailing of the light bezels, grille and Audi logo (new car is on the left).

The same can be seen from the rear, with the new perspex light bezels as opposed to tampo work, cleaner mold lines and the detailed exhausts (new car on left).

Tampo work is alot sharper and crisper overall, being especially obvious on the rear wing and in the alignment on the sides.
However, when it comes to the paint finish, again I am a little disappointed, the silver on the new version is not so well distributed and looks as if the paint mix was not set right. I am not certain the picture below shows this well and I hope it is just the particular car I bought. if it makes the point I am trying to make clearer - to me it looks more like a metallic grey than a silver (new car on bottom).

Overall I think the car is an improvement looks wise, which I am sure was the point of changing manufacturers, as for the complaints? well there is no pleasing some if us ehh?
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts forgot the biggest difference - you've already raced the first livery and the new one still has all antennas
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Hi Swiss,
I have a bit of a problem with the presentation car i just got. The front tyres /wheels are not quite central in the arch and the tyres rub on the front. I changed to smaller tyres to prevent this but now they do not touch the track.
I think i may need to take the stock tyres down a "tad" and possibly trim the arch but should not need to.
ours ran fine, we know what the rattle is too! but that's a closely guarded secret between me and 3.9

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I had no worries with the front wheels either.

That damn arial!
It is the second one I have fitted, the first I broke on the first corner the first time I drove thecar - totally misjudged the speed of the damn thing!
The second I broke today
I took it out of the box, dropped it (because I am lazy and don't screw the cars back into the boxes
), grabbed and caught it before it hit the ground but snapped the arial off!

Inte' don't go all mopedesque on us! you got a fix? share it!!
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er no I wont be harsh!

Front axle where it is held on the chassis there is a load of play.. da dar! or rather that was what was wrong with mine anyway!!

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