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Hi Maurizio,

I've had some chats with some friends in Amsterdam about the oxigen system and club environments, and I wanted enquire from you if you have planse for a N-Digital Replacement "Box", which can pass through DECENT Volts and Amps to the track Rails without having to do a Major Power Upgrade\Modification?

I moved across from Pro X to N-Digital but have a similar problem in that, I cannot get enough Amps to the Rails without having to build a "simple H" or other cntraption to get power to the rails properly.. Willyou make a Black box which can pass through the supplied current to the rails on the track without any regulators or limiting factors? I don't have the technical ability to build these after-market electronic gadgets, So what can Oxigen offer from a controller Box point of view?

Also, can I use the N_Digital Controlers, or my own controllers with a bush-button, or would I have to use the Slot.It Controllers? Or is your system only wireless?

Thanks for the input and your support Maurizio.


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I'm not Maurizio, and as such am apt to have something mistaken, but I'm pretty confident in the following reply, which Maurizio can correct or verify when he finds the time...

Al, with oXigen, there IS NO "controller box" any more. Each car is directly controlled, wirelessly, from it's controller. The link is literally directly from the controller to the car, using wifi. It's kind of like RC, except using wifi, and rather than a big car with a big battery, it's a little car with powered rails.

You want to power a track for use with oXigen? All you need is the power supply itself (Pyramid PS26KX type thing), and wires. Solder the wires to the track. Now you're done. When the track is powered, so are the cars. The cars don't move until the controller tells it to. The chip inside receives the command to go, and then converts some of that rail power to the motor and the car goes.

Lap counting and lane changing are also completely independent. For lap counting, you just pop a few magnets under the track in the appropriate places, and the oXigen cars will detect that and send the information to the computer. For lane changing, the lane change track gets power from the rails, and when it sees a car that wants to change lanes, it moves the flipper. No black box required.

Another way to describe it is that rather than having a single box that does it all, you now have a few littler boxes that do specific things. One in the controller, one in the car (chip), one in each lane changer, and one in the computer (dongle). All the advanced functions like lap counting, fuel and refueling, etc, are handled by whatever oXigen compatible Race Management software you want to use on the track computer. I believe is making their own, and PCLapCounter will also be compatible.

You will not be able to use any N-Digital components. No chips, controllers, box, or anything. Cars will need oXigen chips. Controllers will need to be SCP1 controllers with oXigen cartridges. Lane changers will need to be augmented with the oXigen lane change adapter electronics. The system is ONLY wireless.
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Is that true for N-Digital? I knew it was for SSD. Maybe it's also true for Carrera, then? That would be excellent. Maurizio, can you clear that up for us?

If one were to install the oXigen lane changer add-on boards, and the smart add-on in the car for the power rectification, can O2 and Ninco/Carrera cars race together, as they could with SSD?
Ah! Ok, I get it now. I had forgotten that O2 cars will run on Ninco-D and Carrera-D tracks. I think I got mixed up because they can't count the O2 car laps, and there would need to be a software "combiner" for both types of digital to have an actual race with both at once. Also, it's good to be reminded that the O2 upgraded Ninco-D LC won't work for Ninco-D any more, unless the sensor is moved to an appropriate place so that the Ninco-D dead-strip method can still work.

While this might not be the perfect solution, and the digital-haters will likely point out the problems rather than admit the solutions, it's still a lot better than it was earlier when only SSD would work, or require all new hardware like other systems.
I agree. Those digital haters won't be happy until the chips are free, so that's never. Never mind Carrera Digital cars are cheaper than most analog cars.
Anyway, I agree that it's great. The part that I like best is that the O2 chip is so small and easy to install in pretty much any plastic lane changer (sans SCXD, that is), and since lap counting is just a magnet, converting a digital system to O2 will be a snap! Better still, the can all be dual use systems just like SSD will be.
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