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Hi Maurizio,

I've had some chats with some friends in Amsterdam about the oxigen system and club environments, and I wanted enquire from you if you have planse for a N-Digital Replacement "Box", which can pass through DECENT Volts and Amps to the track Rails without having to do a Major Power Upgrade\Modification?

I moved across from Pro X to N-Digital but have a similar problem in that, I cannot get enough Amps to the Rails without having to build a "simple H" or other cntraption to get power to the rails properly.. Willyou make a Black box which can pass through the supplied current to the rails on the track without any regulators or limiting factors? I don't have the technical ability to build these after-market electronic gadgets, So what can Oxigen offer from a controller Box point of view?

Also, can I use the N_Digital Controlers, or my own controllers with a bush-button, or would I have to use the Slot.It Controllers? Or is your system only wireless?

Thanks for the input and your support Maurizio.


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