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Hi Maurizio,

I've had some chats with some friends in Amsterdam about the oxigen system and club environments, and I wanted enquire from you if you have planse for a N-Digital Replacement "Box", which can pass through DECENT Volts and Amps to the track Rails without having to do a Major Power Upgrade\Modification?

I moved across from Pro X to N-Digital but have a similar problem in that, I cannot get enough Amps to the Rails without having to build a "simple H" or other cntraption to get power to the rails properly.. Willyou make a Black box which can pass through the supplied current to the rails on the track without any regulators or limiting factors? I don't have the technical ability to build these after-market electronic gadgets, So what can Oxigen offer from a controller Box point of view?

Also, can I use the N_Digital Controlers, or my own controllers with a bush-button, or would I have to use the Slot.It Controllers? Or is your system only wireless?

Thanks for the input and your support Maurizio.


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You are both (Mr.Flippant, and b.yingling) right.
Thanks for putting it down in English more clearly than I ever could.

There is only one point to clarify:
by design, to maximize performance when used as part of a oXigen system, the current in-car chip comes with one diode only - in other words, you can put it on Ninco-D and Carrera-D and drive it, but for SSD a small add-on rectifier bridge is necessary. This may change in the future (one chip with different options) but for the time being, it is like this.
On the other hand, if so desired, O2 cars can directly trigger SSD's lane changers, as Hornby kindly granted us the rights to their related patent, and be detected as cars 1-6 like ordinary SSD cars by Hornby's PB.

What Bruce says about mixed mode for Ninco and Carrera is also correct provided that each LC is driven by both the standard electronics and oXigen's. Then, a 'glue' sw may enable mixed races.
Note that we have only done limited testing on this aspect of the system and there still maybe problems to overcome. For example, the current recommended IR position for the Ninco LC in our LC driver is such that the Ninco's dead strip has to be powered rather than left dead - which prevents it from working with the original Ninco's LC. There is a workaround (move sensor) but as you can see more testing is necessary.

A box-stock LC for SSD which remains compatible with SSD, but adds selective lane changing when used for O2 cars is in the works. I hope to bring a working sample in Chicago but it's not likely as time is limited and a few of us are going to China in the meanwhile to push manufacturing of in-car ICs, which does not leave too much time for development these days.

Next shows:

This coming Saturday, Rome, Slot Club Carli 19 - 2nd race of the Italian Digital championship (Ninco track)
Oct 20th-23 - Hobby Show, Chicago (SSD)

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