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Hi Maurizio,

I've had some chats with some friends in Amsterdam about the oxigen system and club environments, and I wanted enquire from you if you have planse for a N-Digital Replacement "Box", which can pass through DECENT Volts and Amps to the track Rails without having to do a Major Power Upgrade\Modification?

I moved across from Pro X to N-Digital but have a similar problem in that, I cannot get enough Amps to the Rails without having to build a "simple H" or other cntraption to get power to the rails properly.. Willyou make a Black box which can pass through the supplied current to the rails on the track without any regulators or limiting factors? I don't have the technical ability to build these after-market electronic gadgets, So what can Oxigen offer from a controller Box point of view?

Also, can I use the N_Digital Controlers, or my own controllers with a bush-button, or would I have to use the Slot.It Controllers? Or is your system only wireless?

Thanks for the input and your support Maurizio.


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My understanding: you can run a mixed mode environment, with Oxigen and N-Digital cars on the track at the same time.

The Ninco LCs need the Oxigen add-in board, and you have to use the N-Digital console to deliver power to the track. (So it doesn't really help with the OPs power issues.)

You can then race N-Digital cars and Oxigen cars on the same track at the same time. Each Oxigen car will still need a controller and wireless cartridge. You have to add trackside magnets for lap counting the Oxigen cars and a suitable RMS- e.g., PCLapcounter- to track both Oxigen and N-Digital cars.
QUOTE (MrFlippant @ 4 Oct 2011, 11:06) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Is that true for N-Digital? I knew it was for SSD. Maybe it's also true for Carrera, then? That would be excellent. Maurizio, can you clear that up for us?

If one were to install the oXigen lane changer add-on boards, and the smart add-on in the car for the power rectification, can O2 and Ninco/Carrera cars race together, as they could with SSD?

Fairly certain that's the case. On SSD, you can use the native lane changers, for Ninco and Carrera tracks you need the add-in boards. The oXigen cars wouldn't be fuel managed by the (various) digital bases, so that would have to be handed off to software. Somewhere in one of Maurizio's posts he describes this setup and calls it 'as close to the digital holy grail as we can get' or something to that effect.

You don't need the rectifier for Ninco and Carrera. They send DC to the rails, which is what the oXigen chip wants.

I keep thinking I must have misunderstood his post, because I would think this feature would be one of the biggest pieces of digital slot news (particularly among the entrenched no compatability complaining analog crowd) since, well, since ever.

But when I asked him about whether would be publishing the protocol to allow third parties to adapt software on Carrera and Ninco systems to count oXigen and native cars, I got a favorable response. So I think my understanding must be true.
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I think it's fantastic, myself.

There are some digital racers in my analog club, but most of them are SSD users (one other D132, and one SCXD). I already have a controller, so I'd need the add-in boards for my lane changers, an oXigen cartridge for my controller, and some oXigen chips. Not inexpensive, but it would let me run a car on my track (I think I know someone who can deliver Carrera and oXigen aware software for D132 tracks
) and still take part in SSD races at other member's tracks. Likewise, if they want to oXigen chip a car or two, they can bring them to my place when I have a D132 race event while still being able to run them at home. At present, it will require removing/replacing the rectifier.

It's a huge step forward for interoperability of digital slot systems.
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