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The second release in's Porsche 962C range, the Brun Motorsport car, is now available:-

Driven by Oscar Larrauri (RA), Jésus Pareja (E) and Walter Brun (CH) in the 1989 Le Mans 24-Hour, the car qualified 7th and retired with engine problems after 242 laps.

The picture below, taken during the 1989 race, shows that the car also had the brake cooling "hub caps" on the rear wheels:-

Otherwise, it looks superb and is bound to be very popular with Spanish slot racing enthusiasts!

Kind regards,

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Russell's pic also shows the French-style "slashed" 7 on the actual car.

Re: wheels... It's not uncommon to change the car set up between practice, qualifying and various stages of the race... Herr Joest has even been known to use special "night" noses on his 962's.

Also it doesn't look like the red Yokohama lettering made it on the tyres
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