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The second release in's Porsche 962C range, the Brun Motorsport car, is now available:-

Driven by Oscar Larrauri (RA), Jésus Pareja (E) and Walter Brun (CH) in the 1989 Le Mans 24-Hour, the car qualified 7th and retired with engine problems after 242 laps.

The picture below, taken during the 1989 race, shows that the car also had the brake cooling "hub caps" on the rear wheels:-

Otherwise, it looks superb and is bound to be very popular with Spanish slot racing enthusiasts!

Kind regards,

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Got mine today( and the Blaupunkt car).

Superbly finished, great work Maurizio , but I haven't had chance to try them out yet.

I hope the tyres are better performers than my other's on Sport track in non-mag form, if not I've got a couple of sets of Ortmans to fit on them. I'll report back after testing.


I got chance to try these cars today and I must say they are superb.

All trials are on Scalextric Sport track with a 3.5m straight, S bends and different radius curves.

First with Magnets in place, completely box standard. (Nice to see everything well greased and very smooth). Both cars really good performers with nothing between them, but how do you Guys stand running cars with magnets fitted ....yawn......I got fed up after about two minutes.

Next remove magnets and retry.......Oh dear what a difference.......

The Blaupunkt car was smooth but deslotted on S bends and spent a fair amount of the time sideways. The Repsol car was sideways most of the time and had very little traction at all!. Very poor performers.

Next, in order to combat the light front end I added 10 grams of weight just behind the front body screw mount. Performance of both cars improved, i.e they didn't deslot but did nothing for excessive fishtailing and general poor traction.

Finally I fitted some Ortmans to the rear of both cars and they were transformed. Both cars have equal performance and are a real pleasure to drive. They are very fast, (Quicker than my Newman Porsche on S1 Silicones)

Conclusions :- 1) The tyres the Blaupunkt car and the Repsol car seem to be of completely different compounds. (I swaped over the tyres to test this observation).

2) Just removing the magnets is not enough to make a good Non-Magnet car.

3) To transform performance on Scalextric Sport track fit Ortmans.

4) IF you run magnet cars it doesn't seem to matter which tyres you run on this car they all seem to perform equally as well.

At the end of the day these are great cars, and I can't wait for more in the series.


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