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The second release in's Porsche 962C range, the Brun Motorsport car, is now available:-

Driven by Oscar Larrauri (RA), Jésus Pareja (E) and Walter Brun (CH) in the 1989 Le Mans 24-Hour, the car qualified 7th and retired with engine problems after 242 laps.

The picture below, taken during the 1989 race, shows that the car also had the brake cooling "hub caps" on the rear wheels:-

Otherwise, it looks superb and is bound to be very popular with Spanish slot racing enthusiasts!

Kind regards,

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QUOTE Also it doesn't look like the red Yokohama lettering made it on the tyres

The lettering is there I promise.

Please bear in mind that the tyres supplied with some Slot.It cars are generic from the factory in China and NOT a rated Slot.It compound. The performance of all Slot.It cars is enhanced by the addition of P2/P3 tyres of the correct size and zero grip fronts.

Here is some other related info you might find interesting or of use...

Question: What tyres come with the last two Audi releases and with the three Porsche 956s?

Slot.It answer:

Audis ship with - Zero Grip fronts and P2 rears.
Porsches ship with -
QUOTE these tyres are not catalogued as they are made in China and have now been changed lately; the first generation was very hard and poor, now they are vastly improved (starting from the 'Dunlop' tyres for the Newman car and also the 'Spirit of America' car) and will be further enhanced starting from the 'Blaupunkt' P962.

Question: What liveries will the race car (Nissan) come in and how long will we have to wait for them?

Slot.It answer:

Race car release early 2005, test car first, race car later and will be made in all three liveries (N,21. N,22, N23)


What configuration will the motor be in?

Slot.It answer:

Same as the Porsches, reverse inline.


When can we expect the Sauber C9 and what configuration will the motor be in?

Slot.It answer:

Hopefully March 2005 but delivery date will be given in Nurnberg. Set up will be reverse inline as with the Porsches.


Will either the Nissan or C9 come with larger diameter hubs? or will they be small diameter as with the Audi and Porsche?

Slot.It answer:

Nissan: large diameter.
All others: small diameter.
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Historic photo...

For the hell of it photo.....

Runs SOO well without magnet OR weight ! the new tyres promised with this car seem to work well.
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QUOTE ( @ 4 Feb 2005, 16:09)No, it must be his belly!


Pah! think your funny huh?

Actually I have no idea what it is, lens cap or finger is also my guess, was taken at 2 in the morning
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