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The first round of th SIC is to be held at GT Raceway.
The rules have been changed slightly which will improve the racing for all and can be found here:
As last year the meal will be at the Miller and Carter steakhouse. Menu here:
I had a considerable amout of trouble booking this last night as they were not happy to take a large booking,bloody ridiculous if you ask me, but i have provisionally (and probably optomistically) booked for 30.
I need to know by February 12th who is coming, no later, and if you post stating you will attend and don't, this will jeopardise future bookings.
Can all entrants list on this thread please.
Club Address:
GT Raceway
Unit 3, Nashlea Farm,

Premier Inn,
Weir House, Arterial Road, Rayleigh - 01268 775 001
This is situated on the A127 and an easy drive to both venues.

There is another at Basildon:

Premier Inn
Festival Leisure Park
Pipps Hill Road South, Off Cranes Farm Road, Essex SS14 3WB
0871 527 8056

Track Information:
Lanes: 6 Lane
Surface: (Plastic) Ninco

Set-up Tips
All the Slot It cars can run very well on Ninco and are best in anglewinder configuration.
Remember that Ninco track has a raised rail so allow for this when preparing tyres. A car that is too low will cause problems.
Suspension is not essential but will not detract from car performance.
Slot it boxers work well as do similar Scaleauto derivatives but must be "closed can" for this round.
Gear ratio depends on motor choice but combinations 11/12 pinion and a contrate ranging from 26-30 is all you should need. Standard guide is perfect.
GraemeThoburn: 01702 551225/07789764950

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I am going t o assume that everyone who adds their name to this thread is going to the meal unless i hear otherwise.
Please be clear.
Thanks, Graeme.

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QUOTE (bleep @ 12 Jan 2012, 08:04) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>From Gainsborough, there will be confirmed (we are always looking to add to this group):

Lee Beswick
Lee Bielby
Ian Bielby

However We will NOT be at the meal

Can i ask why not or do none of you like a decent steak. ???

Lee Green
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Only 16 so far , problem were having is clubs that hosting a round are not really supporting the event ... I imagine wolves will add loads but 2 from staffs is a bit ... Low

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I think numbers need to improve significantly but there is time yet.
This round is not the best supported because the track etc is carp.

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Why don't we go for the meal, I was just thinking why not, the truth is (we) I'm a spoilsport OK!

I enjoy your company, but I don't normally drink this is the only time I get the opportunity, so a few pints with the meal in the hotel, for me is a really nice change that's all. I couldn't drive back if we came to the meal. Oh and I too am feeling the pinch at the moment remember I'm still buying two of everything, as Lee still has very deep pockets&#8230;.

It doesn't matter how many entries you get, I know my place "Last!"
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