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Slot It Challenge Round 4. Hereford 6th/7th August.

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Here's the information for round 4 SIC.

Club address:-

Unit 10,
Foley Trading Estate,


The Grafton,
Ross road,

(This is next door to the pub where the evening meal is.)

Premier Inn
Holmer rd

Pomana Place

Hotels nearest the club
Ayelstone Court
2 Ayelstone Hill

Somerville House
12 Bodenham Road

Track Details

6 Lane MDF (Llantrisant
P6's and F15 will work well.
Yellow can or Boxer motors.
12 pinion with 28-34 gear.

Phil Field 07790900594
Keith Clements 07850268881

Any question please ask.

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I forgot to add:- will there be food available?
If you have seen me , you will understand that this is very important to me!
QUOTE (zetakc @ 3 Aug 2011, 18:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Any more for the meal on Saturday?

Also, thanks to everyone who have sent me there requests for food - if you haven't done so now would be good



ps - should have bacon baps etc available at the venue.
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Peter, Archie and myself no longer able to make Sunday, decided its too far for one day. Hope ya'll have a good weekend.
Well done to Lee & Ben for winning their respective finals. I had a great day & really enjoyed the banter.
Many thanks to the organizers & to Keith for the many Bacon Sandwiches I consumed.
Looking forward to Pendle in a few weeks time.

Thanks rob, and thanks to phil field for running next to me all day and a great race in the final
, unlucky jack im sure your time will come soon mate
. Thanks to all the hereford guys (except ben for changing the power on the lanes....only joking) Roll on pendle
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Great Weekend
Well done to all concerned with the organising, Special Well done to Lee and Ben but there was some fantastic racing at all levels, I just about got a photo of everyone see if you can spot yourself...

Even JMO smiling
Craig n the Chair! Hereford%2F18c46054.pbw

Really looking forward to Pendle
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Big well done to lee for winning and phill for second. And cheers flange some day I'm sure I will break my 3rd place run! one I'm sure il learn to stop tossing it off in the finals. It could be worse.... But anyway a well raced final to both lee and phil, and to mr Andrews had a few good races through the day happy to win the last one though! I do feel sorry for young Lewis the big loser of the day I feel with his wire coming out he was rapid all weekend and we were struggling to keep up even when he was on black! Unlucky there mate.

On to the organizers well done to phill And the others, not aidy and Craig for supporting Cardiff!! Well done for getting the event going and if with some TLC if u get that building it could be a cracking venue. But I'm sure you can make whatever you go for work, good bunch of guys and a decent track hope it works out. On to Pendle.
Just want to say a big thank you to everyone who helped put together such an amazing weekend.

Also want to say a big thank you to Keith and Ben for all the help they gave me.

Was a great day and again well run with lots of laughs and shocking jokes lol

Hope to see you all soon.

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Hi All, Great weekend, really enjoyed it. I think with a little work it would make a great venue and the meeting ran pretty smoothly for the first time at Hereford, especially when you consider the small amount of time they had to get this round together. Overall great job.

Well done to, Keith and Ben Clements, Steve, Craig Jones, Phil Field and Aidi for running the meeting (sorry if ive missed anyone) and Well done to Lee Green on his first win in the Slot it Challenge with a great drive from Phil field on White lane who finished in a close second and well done to Jack Thoburn on his consistency of third place yet again. Need to pull your finger out Lad!

Well done to Ben for taking the Juniors 1st place well deserved.

Driver of the day was definitely Lewis Gough with an unfortunate break down in one of his heats seing him drop to 10th. My money was on him to win.

It must be the only track to produce 5 different senior winners in its 5 years on the SIC calender.

Thanks again and hope to see you all in Pendle for round 5 of the SIC.

Regards Nic
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Hi All,

Great weekend racing once again. Well done to all the guys involved in putting the event together, all ran pretty smoothly and from the looks like everyone really enjoyed. Pretty good finish time as well which was much appreciated by us that had a good trip home

Well done to Lee and Ben, great driving chaps and well deserved their wins.

Nice photo's did you take pictures of yourself from across the room?!!!! genius!!!

Craig falling off that chair will go down in SIC history...brilliant!
Thank god he did reach out while falling or the main straight would have had an interesting bend and hill for the rest of the day!!!!

Unfortunately I can't make Pendles since they changed the date
So good luck to everyone...have a good 'un!
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Get This!
the day After the event I managed to true some F15's!
Too late!
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Thanks to all at Hereford for a very good challenging weekend. Well done to Lee for his first win and my sympathies to Lewis who was mugged by lady luck in the cruelest way.
Looking forward to Pendle now although I doubt it could be anywhere near as fragrant.
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on the same topic skidmark me and nic stopped at the chinese buffet in wolves to discover they also had an indian buffet as well. great it was, jen did not agree the next morning. I've got something seriously wrong with me apparently. wonder where i get it from. i here the citroen smells nice and fresh!!
I think the seats are impregnated with the smell. I think I'll have to get the fabreze out!
It was Lee I felt sorry for, he was trapped in the back with non opening windows, I don't know how he didn't chunder.
QUOTE (Gash @ 8 Aug 2011, 21:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>on the same topic skidmark me and nic stopped at the chinese buffet in wolves to discover they also had an indian buffet as well. great it was, jen did not agree the next morning. I've got something seriously wrong with me apparently. wonder where i get it from. i here the citroen smells nice and fresh!!

The little Citroen was turned into a sewerage on the way home , especially after stopping off at a tesco services and the two of them had chilli/curry sandwiches! Shocking!

Its the worst possible car to have you two in as even the two windows in the front dont both open fully!

Just like to thank Steve and Craig for helping with race control, also thanks to Kate for selling the raffle tickets.

Here's the list of medal winners

Driver of the day Lewis Gough

Over 50 winner John Bailey

Top A class driver Lee Green

Top B class driver Phil Field

Top C class driver Keith Clements

Here's the list of cars used on the day:-

33 entrants

11 Mclaren's
6 Jag's
4 Nissan's
4 Mazda's
3 Audi's
2 Merc's
1 Lancia
1 Porsche
1 Toyota

See you at Pendle.

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Many thanks to the Hereford boys for a great weekend. Glad to see the track has finally gone to a good home!!!!
Some very close racing throughout the heats. Look forward to seeing everyone at Pendle.


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