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General information for those planning to attend the final round of this year's championship.
The Premier Inn, North Wolverhampton, adjacent to Jct 2 of the M54 is the most convenient hotel, both for the club and the meal.Ease of access makes it attractive although they rarely have the cheap rooms offered by other Premier Inns.
Book on line or phone direct 0871 527 9184 (10p/min)
There is a B/B close to the club and closer to the meal. I have used it for visitors, Wheaton House Tel no. 01902 428841.It is on the main A449 and subject to noise from passing traffic,through the night.Its cheap around £32 B&B.
Alternatively the club lounge is available for the night,could sleep 6.
Have provisionally booked Wing Wah Chinese restaurant for the Sat.night. 7.30. £14 p/p. They have increased the range of food to include Indian.Visit their website for more details,
Can not quarentee there will be no birhtday parties being celebrated.
Wing Wah is only a 1/2 mile from the hotel,on the A449 towards Wolverhampton.
Club Opening Times
Sat. 11-5pm Tea and coffee available and a selection of cobs. Will organise a run to the local Chip Shop for lunch.
Sun. Open 8am..
8-9 Open practice 3 min sessions.
9-9.30 Practic session, 3 min sessions, for Sunday arrivals
9.30-!0.00 Open practice 3 min sessions
9.30 Scrutineering opens.
10.30 Drivers Briefing
11.00 First Heat
Heats will be 4 mins duration.Expect to complete 25/30 laps. Distances will be recorded on the computer after each race. Individual distances will be recorded,for the record.
Finals will over 30 laps. Reduced to 25 if time is running out.
The track has been extended and resurfaced with a fine, textured surface.
I will post tips next week when we will have a better idea of tyres and gearing.I will also get pictures organised,once the final touches have been completed.
Please let me have your intentions as soon as you can .
We are looking forward to seeing you all again.

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QUOTE (malatwolves @ 24 Sep 2011, 12:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sat. 11-5pm Tea and coffee available and a selection of cobs. Will organise a run to the local Chip Shop for lunch.

I won't be running to the chip shop! I may think about going in my car.
I noticed that you haven't put any racing tips up! here are some of mine that will help you with the extended track.
Use unglued slot-it P2 tyres, if you can't get any try the zero grips. if these aren't working for you, add a coat of nail varnish.
inline mabuchi motor mounts work well with the scaleauto 10,000 rpm motor. there is a small dip on the main straight, so make sure you don't fit any lead up the front of the car, this will help it de-slot at faster speeds. Were thinking of removing the barrier at the end of the main straight & issuing a pair of wicket keeping gloves for the marshals.

Have fun & I will see you all there, as long as I get out of Beijing in time. Just got stung on a £200.00 pot of tea. It must have been made from Unicorn penis! It certainly tasted like it. I can't understand this monopoly money at all. I'm about to go to dinner. Let's see how much a bottle of red merlot costs. Probably around 2 billion Ding, Dong, Yen.


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QUOTE (malatwolves @ 24 Sep 2011, 13:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I will post tips next week when we will have a better idea of tyres and gearing.

Set up Tips

Angle winder is the most popular option ATM, although I've found that sidewinder can work just as well. As for suspension, we tend not to use it although it may help when you drive off the cliff at the end of the straight.
Deep guides can be used.

Slot it P6's & P4's work best.

Angle winders
- Both fat 6's will work well in an audi, not that you have a choice.
- Closed can & open can boxers.
- 25k(yellow can) scaleauto's.
- 29k slot it works well for sidewinder.

Is recommended to lower the odds of lift off.

I will also get onto malc about those pictures Tuesday night.

Looking forward to seeing you all there

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I'm really p
off now!
I couldn't find any P1's so I glued and trued four sets of zero grips only to find it was a wind up and they're complete s
. Gutted!

Anyway I'm going for a front wheel drive Mclaren with a 1:1 gear ratio, maybe with 10 grams of weight on the roof

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Hi Folks
For those of you coming to Wales & West and Slot It Challenge at Wolves in October Malc has asked me to post a picture of the new dip and "Tyrer Curves" complex on the Wolves Intenational track. The cars do get airborne into the dip and look fantastic coming up the hill through the curves. The shot is taken from the drivers podium looking right towards the end of the main straight.


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It would help to know who is coming and who wants to go to Wing Wah's for the meal.
The Pendle club have posted but no one else,as far as I can see.
If you do not fancy Wing Wah's and are staying at the Premier Inn,Moseley Park, I could reserve a table for you at the Restaurant next door,Table Table.
I need to know by this coming Thursday 13 Oct, so that I can finalise matters on Friday.
The club tracks will be open on Sunday 16 Oct. 10am-3pm
We open every first and third Sundays in the month, which coincides with the Indoor Model Flying Group who use the large room and the Wolves indoor training Dome. If anyone has an indoor electric heli or plane bring it along and give it a fly.Our insurance will cover you.
Back to business, Please let me know your wants and intentions,by Thursday.

Jack and i are going to Wangs or whatever you call it. Come with us. It will be a laugh and other things.

That's 4 for us Malcom please.
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