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Slot It Challenge. Wolves. 22/23 Oct.

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General information for those planning to attend the final round of this year's championship.
The Premier Inn, North Wolverhampton, adjacent to Jct 2 of the M54 is the most convenient hotel, both for the club and the meal.Ease of access makes it attractive although they rarely have the cheap rooms offered by other Premier Inns.
Book on line or phone direct 0871 527 9184 (10p/min)
There is a B/B close to the club and closer to the meal. I have used it for visitors, Wheaton House Tel no. 01902 428841.It is on the main A449 and subject to noise from passing traffic,through the night.Its cheap around £32 B&B.
Alternatively the club lounge is available for the night,could sleep 6.
Have provisionally booked Wing Wah Chinese restaurant for the Sat.night. 7.30. £14 p/p. They have increased the range of food to include Indian.Visit their website for more details,
Can not quarentee there will be no birhtday parties being celebrated.
Wing Wah is only a 1/2 mile from the hotel,on the A449 towards Wolverhampton.
Club Opening Times
Sat. 11-5pm Tea and coffee available and a selection of cobs. Will organise a run to the local Chip Shop for lunch.
Sun. Open 8am..
8-9 Open practice 3 min sessions.
9-9.30 Practic session, 3 min sessions, for Sunday arrivals
9.30-!0.00 Open practice 3 min sessions
9.30 Scrutineering opens.
10.30 Drivers Briefing
11.00 First Heat
Heats will be 4 mins duration.Expect to complete 25/30 laps. Distances will be recorded on the computer after each race. Individual distances will be recorded,for the record.
Finals will over 30 laps. Reduced to 25 if time is running out.
The track has been extended and resurfaced with a fine, textured surface.
I will post tips next week when we will have a better idea of tyres and gearing.I will also get pictures organised,once the final touches have been completed.
Please let me have your intentions as soon as you can .
We are looking forward to seeing you all again.
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yea its where me and nic stopped on the way back from hereford. the indian part definitely adds to your performance the next day. i feel for the cleaner of the hotel room, not to mention jen.

plus you get to sing happy barfday about a million times.
Yep cheers to malcom it was useful shall we say! the new section is an interesting addition.

and F15's definitely do not work...
Thanks to malcolm and a few of the wolves members that helped with the organisation. It was overall an enjoyable weekend with friday night included thanks for having us! The meal was decent i think i managed to get jelly flying faster than i could a car though. And I never thought I'd see a grown man lose control of a Mr Wippy ice cream machine.

The new section adds a challenging few turns not to mention the jump to the track however i do think it needs some tweaks, the first thing in my opinion ironing out the hill as it adds an element of lottery into an already difficult track. Smashes happen sometimes through no fault of your own on other peoples bounce back. And again being brutally honest the way the footages are measured needs bringing into line with the rest of the series as I'm not convinced on the accuracy or the fairness of the current system. But enough moaning.

Firstly a massive well done to lewis on his first senior win. and then shaun very quick all weekend again another strong 2nd place. On the overall series again congratulations to shaun, it was nice going into the A final knowing it was still all to play for but way too quick for me! Another very consistent series and I hope you continue next year! kind of...

And lastly to julian a massive thanks, you saved my weekend. Feel a bit bad we couldn't race it out for 2nd in the series because you were quicker this weekend just some bad luck over the jump on the last run and also in the B final.

Thanks to Sean and Nic and PSR on the whole for sponsoring the series. Long may it continue and look forward to next year! especially the thought of going in Nics brand new "don't see them very often" type R to a few rounds!!
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yea thats fair enough lewis you lot know it more than i do obviously. I'm not having a go particularly I'm just not convinced! There are issues with it, like coming off on the last lap or worse being taken out. your then losing distance rather than just finishing where you came off. I understand the role on thing I've been a victim of that in a final which is why finals should be run over laps. However I did watch quite a few heats and found the values given strange to be honest. But it is what it is.

I doubt it affected the heat results but you never know!
If people want to use the system thats up to them! its not for me thats all I was getting at. It's the "it works most of the time" thing. However I've never seen anyone shout out the wrong footage! And the last lap thing is plain silly in my book.

I'm not prepared to get into a massive debate on it, I'm not convinced, never will be. It was a passing comment, that I don't think its accurate.

Anyway, like I said, it was a passing comment, it shouldn't cause an argument it was a good weekend.
i can kind of see your point spock however it made no difference to me this year, i went from 33 to 40 points at staffs which was still by far my worst score and I knew it would be the one i was dropping anyway when one of my rear wheels overtook me on the straight.

it would make it complicated to say the least to try be working all that out before the final round, taking people out who missed 2 rounds etc. what the aim should be is to encourage those people that only do staffs pendle and wolves for example, or any 3 rounds, to travel to at least 5 of them.
yea most years at staffs you pretty much know if you make the a final you have done good so if your hoping to win the series unless you do make the a final your going to have to drop that one anyway. pinewood has been like that previously but this year it was just the top 2 positions that were pretty much decided but 3rd was pretty open.

and im suprised wolves wasn't the same as staffs to be fair but it seems the wonky bump caught the homeo drivers out as well!
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