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Slot It Challenge. Wolves. 22/23 Oct.

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General information for those planning to attend the final round of this year's championship.
The Premier Inn, North Wolverhampton, adjacent to Jct 2 of the M54 is the most convenient hotel, both for the club and the meal.Ease of access makes it attractive although they rarely have the cheap rooms offered by other Premier Inns.
Book on line or phone direct 0871 527 9184 (10p/min)
There is a B/B close to the club and closer to the meal. I have used it for visitors, Wheaton House Tel no. 01902 428841.It is on the main A449 and subject to noise from passing traffic,through the night.Its cheap around £32 B&B.
Alternatively the club lounge is available for the night,could sleep 6.
Have provisionally booked Wing Wah Chinese restaurant for the Sat.night. 7.30. £14 p/p. They have increased the range of food to include Indian.Visit their website for more details,
Can not quarentee there will be no birhtday parties being celebrated.
Wing Wah is only a 1/2 mile from the hotel,on the A449 towards Wolverhampton.
Club Opening Times
Sat. 11-5pm Tea and coffee available and a selection of cobs. Will organise a run to the local Chip Shop for lunch.
Sun. Open 8am..
8-9 Open practice 3 min sessions.
9-9.30 Practic session, 3 min sessions, for Sunday arrivals
9.30-!0.00 Open practice 3 min sessions
9.30 Scrutineering opens.
10.30 Drivers Briefing
11.00 First Heat
Heats will be 4 mins duration.Expect to complete 25/30 laps. Distances will be recorded on the computer after each race. Individual distances will be recorded,for the record.
Finals will over 30 laps. Reduced to 25 if time is running out.
The track has been extended and resurfaced with a fine, textured surface.
I will post tips next week when we will have a better idea of tyres and gearing.I will also get pictures organised,once the final touches have been completed.
Please let me have your intentions as soon as you can .
We are looking forward to seeing you all again.
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Mother's face is etched with joy at the thought.
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I think I'd better come to the meal after all. I wouldn't want to miss out on performance enhancing bhaji's. Not sure if they're suitable for vulcans though.
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QUOTE (Skid mark @ 12 Oct 2011, 22:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>performance enhancing bhaji's.

DEAR GODDDD I wont be attending sunday as i will most likely die in the car on the way home from the meal
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Thanks to Malcolm for hosting a very useful practice day.

A few things I've learnt:
1. Mclarens can fly!
2. In a head on, flat out collision between a Mazda and a Sauber, it's never going to end well.
3. F15's definitely don't work at Wolves. C1's all the way for me!

Until Saturday......
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Yep cheers to malcom it was useful shall we say! the new section is an interesting addition.

and F15's definitely do not work...
Loving the new section guys!!! When I put my f15s on the track they spontaniously conbusted ! Amazing

R.I.P pinky , July - October 2011
Interesting, gentlemen.
I think we can assume by the comments that some degree of aviation took place today!?
Weight balance front to rear will be critical. For the fast SIC models, a light front will end will terminate in the (padded) barrier.
Probably a 50/50% front/rear weighting wil be required. A deep guide may also help, although I have been using the 'medium' grey guide so far. To be fair, our first super quick club class will be run this coming Friday, open GT. We may all have a different veiw point on the joys of flight, after this!
I am sure you 'top guns' will have it sorted come race day.
Kind Regards Bill.
A little birdy told me to just stamp on my car and save myself the trip.
Perhaps, after the various stories i have heard today, the series should be re-named the "Slot It Carnage".
I always thought that racing cars were designed to stay on the track surface, not fly!!
I can't wait to see all the tempers tantrums over the weekend. I'm sure i will be "Mr Mellow".
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Revsed opening time on Saturday.
The club will be open from 10am. Closing around the 5pm mark.
There will be a Fish and Chip run around 12.30pm.
Tea,coffee and soft drinks available all day.
Wing Wahs is booked for 7.30pm.
There will be about 14 at the meal. Graham x4 plus 2 staying at the Premier,sorry I do not have your names to hand, and about 8 club members total 14
The post code for the club is WV6 9NP Claregate Youth Centre, based at The Aldersley Leisure Village. WV6 9NW
If you have any late questions contact me on 07740 717140 anytime.
Be seeing you.
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I'm not going to say it was a great weekends racing because than would be lying..... But Well done to Shaun Mitchell yet again! Im sure one day your reign of terror will come to an end

Well done to Lewis on winning his round and pipping me by 1 point to 4th place in the overall championship and Lewis Anthony for the Junior championship!

See you all next year, will definitely be doing every round next year as im glad i started doing the championship

Oh and thanks to Julian for doing the driving most of the year it would be a pleasure if it wasn't for your ghastly smells that were happening today and well every round really...
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Thanks to malcolm and a few of the wolves members that helped with the organisation. It was overall an enjoyable weekend with friday night included thanks for having us! The meal was decent i think i managed to get jelly flying faster than i could a car though. And I never thought I'd see a grown man lose control of a Mr Wippy ice cream machine.

The new section adds a challenging few turns not to mention the jump to the track however i do think it needs some tweaks, the first thing in my opinion ironing out the hill as it adds an element of lottery into an already difficult track. Smashes happen sometimes through no fault of your own on other peoples bounce back. And again being brutally honest the way the footages are measured needs bringing into line with the rest of the series as I'm not convinced on the accuracy or the fairness of the current system. But enough moaning.

Firstly a massive well done to lewis on his first senior win. and then shaun very quick all weekend again another strong 2nd place. On the overall series again congratulations to shaun, it was nice going into the A final knowing it was still all to play for but way too quick for me! Another very consistent series and I hope you continue next year! kind of...

And lastly to julian a massive thanks, you saved my weekend. Feel a bit bad we couldn't race it out for 2nd in the series because you were quicker this weekend just some bad luck over the jump on the last run and also in the B final.

Thanks to Sean and Nic and PSR on the whole for sponsoring the series. Long may it continue and look forward to next year! especially the thought of going in Nics brand new "don't see them very often" type R to a few rounds!!
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Another Great Weekend, concludes a fantastic season, I'd like to add my thanks to Malcolm and the Wolves team for hosting us what a great venue. Well done to the those that win up at the top of the league, however we further down the rankings have just as much fun, in our own little battles, there have been some really tight ones this year. Thanks to everybody who turns out because it's not just the racing its the whole weekend, the atmosphere, which makes these events what they are.

Click on the pictures to get the Slide-shows

Spotted a nice hotel nearby which will most definitely be used by the Lincoln and Gainsborough contingent in the future.

Many thanks to Sean and the team from Pendle without which this could not happen, Special thanks for My Ford MKII that was a nice surprise most unexpected.

Now looking forward to next year with a possible change of cars could be exciting with option to run "Classics"
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A great weekend for all involved.

Well done to Shaun for winning the championship.......again, and to Lewis Gough for a fantastic first win, which i am sure won't be his last. Congratulations to Matt for his win in the juniors and to Lewis Anthony for his championship win aswell.
And also congratulations to Andy who may have broken the record for most riduculous run of finals ever seen.

Big thanks to Malcolm for organising the weekend, to the Pendle guys for running the show behind the scenes, to Julie and Anita in the kitchen for keeping us fuelled for racing and of course to Ian for taking pictures of everyone when they least expect it

Hope everyone is looking forward to next year as much as I am.

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The Hest Results & Step-up Final Results are now on the challenge website. The overall 2011 tables will be updated later today or tomorrow morning.

Well done to Lewis & Matt for A final wins, also to championship winners Shaun & Lewis Anthony
Thanks to the wolves members especially Malcolm for running race control.

Yet another great weekends racing, massive congratulations to Shaun on his hat-trick
also to Lewis Anthony for his first championship win

Its also great to see the championship come down to the very last race of the season, it makes things a lot more intersesting

QUOTE (Gash @ 23 Oct 2011, 21:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>And again being brutally honest the way the footages are measured needs bringing into line with the rest of the series as I'm not convinced on the accuracy or the fairness of the current system.

The way that the system works out the footages is actually very accurate, its done by turning your average lap time into a percentage of the track, we have questioned and tested this method many times in the past and each time it has never let us down. This method is also very good as it eliminates any advantage from the cars rolling when the power is cut (some cars may have a lot more roll or could be on a straight), this is because it measures how far you got round from your average lap time.

Hope to see most of you again next year
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yea thats fair enough lewis you lot know it more than i do obviously. I'm not having a go particularly I'm just not convinced! There are issues with it, like coming off on the last lap or worse being taken out. your then losing distance rather than just finishing where you came off. I understand the role on thing I've been a victim of that in a final which is why finals should be run over laps. However I did watch quite a few heats and found the values given strange to be honest. But it is what it is.

I doubt it affected the heat results but you never know!
Hi All, we have in the past used 'footages' & I expect we will do so again, a lot has to do with the fact we were allowing 4 minute heats instead of three, this on its own adds at least 40 minutes plus to the day. by not reading out the footages, this can bring us back in line. We have to ask ourselves if we all prefer 4 minutes or standing around waiting to have the distance of our last lap read out. I know where my vote goes.
We also re-surfaced the track & the footages marks have not been added.

Wolverhampton holds around eight events every year. all of which (with the exception of the SIC) use the computer to estimate the final lap. It is very accurate. There is the odd occasion where it gets it wrong slightly. The computer knows the start time of your last lap & the finish time.
Let's say you crossed the line with 3 second to go & your last lap was 10 seconds long! The computer will give you a estimated 0.3 of a lap.
This is great as long as you don't crash on the last lap, as this will increase your lap to say 12 seconds (depending on who was the marshal) your lap distance reduces to 0.25.
It sound complicated but it's very simple & it works most of the time, there is no human error reading out the footages.

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