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Slot It Challenge. Wolves. 22/23 Oct.

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General information for those planning to attend the final round of this year's championship.
The Premier Inn, North Wolverhampton, adjacent to Jct 2 of the M54 is the most convenient hotel, both for the club and the meal.Ease of access makes it attractive although they rarely have the cheap rooms offered by other Premier Inns.
Book on line or phone direct 0871 527 9184 (10p/min)
There is a B/B close to the club and closer to the meal. I have used it for visitors, Wheaton House Tel no. 01902 428841.It is on the main A449 and subject to noise from passing traffic,through the night.Its cheap around £32 B&B.
Alternatively the club lounge is available for the night,could sleep 6.
Have provisionally booked Wing Wah Chinese restaurant for the Sat.night. 7.30. £14 p/p. They have increased the range of food to include Indian.Visit their website for more details,
Can not quarentee there will be no birhtday parties being celebrated.
Wing Wah is only a 1/2 mile from the hotel,on the A449 towards Wolverhampton.
Club Opening Times
Sat. 11-5pm Tea and coffee available and a selection of cobs. Will organise a run to the local Chip Shop for lunch.
Sun. Open 8am..
8-9 Open practice 3 min sessions.
9-9.30 Practic session, 3 min sessions, for Sunday arrivals
9.30-!0.00 Open practice 3 min sessions
9.30 Scrutineering opens.
10.30 Drivers Briefing
11.00 First Heat
Heats will be 4 mins duration.Expect to complete 25/30 laps. Distances will be recorded on the computer after each race. Individual distances will be recorded,for the record.
Finals will over 30 laps. Reduced to 25 if time is running out.
The track has been extended and resurfaced with a fine, textured surface.
I will post tips next week when we will have a better idea of tyres and gearing.I will also get pictures organised,once the final touches have been completed.
Please let me have your intentions as soon as you can .
We are looking forward to seeing you all again.
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Good weekend all....well done to the Wolves guys and especially Malc on race control for keeping things moving and putting on a great event.

Congratulations to Lewis & Matt for their event wins, and big congrats to Shaun & Lewis Anthony for their championship not forgetting our own Archie for his 3rd place overall in his first season

Really enjoyed my first season, so will definitely be back next year....hopefully that dip in the Wolves track will have ironed itself out by then?!!!!!

Not sure myself about letting SlotMaster decide the 'footages'.....using it every week at Gainsborough we can guarentee it's not quite accurate, which is why we use the track marked footages and why we'll be marking them out on the big track eventhough it will be fitted with SlotMaster...still a great timing system though
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If people want to use the system thats up to them! its not for me thats all I was getting at. It's the "it works most of the time" thing. However I've never seen anyone shout out the wrong footage! And the last lap thing is plain silly in my book.

I'm not prepared to get into a massive debate on it, I'm not convinced, never will be. It was a passing comment, that I don't think its accurate.

Anyway, like I said, it was a passing comment, it shouldn't cause an argument it was a good weekend.
I have to say that there were a few puzzled looks regarding the "calculated" footages but it probably evens out across the board but as Jack has said, there is no need for a mass debate over this.
Not sure about the new "bit" though. Strange that many racers comment on bumpy Ninco track and then someone puts a bloody great bump 2/3rds of the way down the straight on a routed track.

I got away without trashing my car, although many did, and perversally had my best finsh at Wolves yet.

This shouldn't detract from what was generally a good weekend and many thanks to the Wolves members and especially Malcom.
Congratulations to the winning drivers and those on the podium for the series.
PS: do F15's work???
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Now I've had a chance to calm down I'd like to thank everyone who's been involved in organising this years series. I've not entered into a big series for many years for a number of reasons, but I have to say I've really enjoyed myself over the five rounds I attended.
The atmosphere is always very welcoming and friendly (I've made some really good friends this year), there's a great diversity in tracks and surfaces that represent a real challenge and there's some really stiff competition right through the field.
I'm really looking forward to doing it all again next year and hopefully with the forthcoming rule changes we'll have some even closer racing.
Well done everyone.
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The overall 2011 tables are now updated after Round 6 Wolverhampton. VIEW HERE
IT's about time.................

Sorry for the delay was on Holiday. Rules and dates for the 2012 series will be on the forum and SIC website in the next week or so.

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Nic and Sam beat me at the final round costing me 2 points and 4th in the championship , Even though Sam and Nic missed rounds , I hope the rules are changed next year to help to combat against this happening
Lee, both Nic & Sam raced at 4 rounds. If you expect every driver to attend all 6 rounds of the competition then you will be dissapointed with the turn out.
As it stands at the moment, you have to register for 3 rounds with your best 5 from 6 rounds scoring.
If you have any sensible suggestion as to how you could change the ruling / scoring to be fair for everyone then i would be interested to hear your views
Interestingly if all 6 rounds had counted towards the championship then Shaun & Jack would still have been 1 & 2 but Lewis Gough would have been 3rd, Lee Andrews 4th, James Lymer 5th, Julian 6th and Lee Green would only have wound up 7th.
as Sean says its never easy to come up with a system that pleases everyone

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The rules are that you count 5 from 6 , so the ones who do 4 or less are never really going to be in it , so what you said Phil is pretty irrelevant because we are allowed to drop a round .

It's not these two that are the problem , I know Sam I think was ill at one of the rounds and nick has supported the series for years , it's like it is in many championships those who go to just one or two of the rounds but still take valuable points away from those that do 5 or 6 rounds .... I know I have only been doing it this year but it's just a querry on improvement .

Obviously the best thing to do would be to at the end of the year have those people who do 4 or less taken out of the overall standings and and promote the points to those that were beaten by these people that did 5 or more rounds .

But obviously if this cannot be done by pc someone cannot be expected to work it all out in which case we may have to just deal with it , what about paying for 5 rounds at the beginning of the season ? Therefore you won't just get the people coming to 3 rounds ? After all it's only another tenner surely people know if they plan on doing most of the rounds ?

I now prepare to be shot down in flames
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I'm glad we drop one round from the scores....means my disaster at North Staffs didn't affect my final overall score

V happy with my first season and placing...something to build on for next year
Been tricky for us chaps that do not use Slot It tyres on a regular basis at club it's been a good learning experience on how they work etc.

Many thanks to everyone that helped me along with advice over the round this year
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QUOTE The rules are that you count 5 from 6 , so the ones who do 4 or less are never really going to be in it , so what you said Phil is pretty irrelevant because we are allowed to drop a round

Lee, I'd hate to be irrelevant so I've done what you suggested as it only took a modicum of mathematical effort.

QUOTE Obviously the best thing to do would be to at the end of the year have those people who do 4 or less taken out of the overall standings and and promote the points to those that were beaten by these people that did 5 or more rounds

Revised seniors table dropping out drivers who completed 5 rounds or more and moving other drivers up in the points

Pos Driver R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total best 5 from 6
1 Shaun Mitchell 48 50 49 46 47 49 243
2 Jack Thoburn 47 40 48 48 50 48 241
3 Julian Edwards 50 0 50 44 49 47 240
4 Lewis Gough 46 44 47 45 43 50 232
5 Lee Green 49 0 40 50 46 46 231
6 Lee Andrews 45 45 46 47 44 44 227
7 Phil Field 43 0 45 49 45 43 222
8 James Lymer 41 48 43 43 42 42 218
9 Andrew M'Bartle 38 42 44 42 48 41 217
10 John Bailey 42 47 41 41 38 38 209
11 Richard Welch 44 37 36 39 41 45 206
12 Mark Probert 40 49 39 38 36 40 206
13 Graeme Thoburn 37 38 42 37 39 39 195
14 Lee Beswick 39 31 37 40 40 35 191
15 Mark Brandwood 36 35 35 0 37 36 179
16 Rob Lyons 33 43 0 32 29 37 174
17 Tony Squires 31 34 38 36 32 31 171
18 Kate Alcock 30 36 34 35 30 32 167
19 Paul Cash 34 33 32 0 34 34 167
20 Mark Wain 27 46 0 34 31 28 166
21 Ian Bielby 35 30 33 29 35 29 162
22 John Bould 29 41 0 31 27 33 161
23 Lee Bielby 32 32 31 33 33 30 161
24 James Lyons 28 39 0 30 28 27 152

As you can see it makes absolutley naff all difference to anyones final league position except for those who were outscored by people who only did 3 or 4 rounds - it certainly makes no real difference to the top ten

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Well in that table Mark Probert would overtake Richard Welch , and im sure that if certain positions were a little closer then there would have been differences it just so happens this year it didnt make a lot of difference to final table , if you look at the pinewood round for example andrew m'bartle got 30 points therefore loosing 8 to those who at the end of the table were never in the running . (yes i know this round didn't count but it does show you how it can make a difference. I dont think im the only one to have spoken about this before .

I know its not a huge amount but whatever , its not the end of the world
, heres to another season in the SIC and cant wait for the rules to be released

Roll on GTRR!!!!!
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i can kind of see your point spock however it made no difference to me this year, i went from 33 to 40 points at staffs which was still by far my worst score and I knew it would be the one i was dropping anyway when one of my rear wheels overtook me on the straight.

it would make it complicated to say the least to try be working all that out before the final round, taking people out who missed 2 rounds etc. what the aim should be is to encourage those people that only do staffs pendle and wolves for example, or any 3 rounds, to travel to at least 5 of them.
Problem is the problem only seems to make a significant difference at two clubs (pinewood probably because its the first round and north staffs) so those who are quick at them clubs are always going to be at an advantage.... but as has been said you cant be fair to everyone can we...

Well that guy whoever it was took less than an hour to work it out... Fair play to him
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yea most years at staffs you pretty much know if you make the a final you have done good so if your hoping to win the series unless you do make the a final your going to have to drop that one anyway. pinewood has been like that previously but this year it was just the top 2 positions that were pretty much decided but 3rd was pretty open.

and im suprised wolves wasn't the same as staffs to be fair but it seems the wonky bump caught the homeo drivers out as well!
This year if you look there were still (probably because its the first round) more people that went to pinewood and didnt do other rounds..

Thats why GTR being the first track is the best as its the club where really theres only one home driver everyone else is on a relatively level playing field
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Lee, the reason we ask for entrants to register for 3 rounds is to deter home drivers from only competing in their home round, scoring high points and taking points away from drivers who support the whole series. I would suggest that this ruling has been quite successful in acheiving its aim.

We have the scoring system in place now that has been developed over the past 6 years that the competion has been running and in my opinion is pretty fair, i doubt there will ever be a scoring sytem that suits everyone.

Anyone wishing to take part in their home round is welcome to do so but only as a guest driver if they have no intention of competing in the away rounds.

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