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SLot.It FLat 6 Motor.

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Does anyone know of a motor the same size as a Slot.It Flat 6 motor, I'm looking for something with more power, 30000 rpm upwards. I am considereing fitting a Proslot Euro Motor, I know I could make an adapter to fit it but I am worried about upsetting the weight distribution. Any useful suggestions welcome.
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It is a unique to can

The proslot euro motor I never found a good balance with. 30k NSR shark, scale auto 29k raked far better.

Or the scaleauto 30ff motor is even smaller than the flat 6 so a hollow tube is needed to mount it.

I think a 23k and 25k flat 6 are on their way from in the future.
The RPM rating of a motor does not tell the whole story about how you can expect it to perform on the track. The motor's torque is also a factor, if the motor's torque and RPMs are known the actual power can be calculared and in the case of slot car motors that is usually expressed in watts. In most cases motors with equal power ratings can be expected to have equal performance, provided that the car is geared correctly. Differences in the weights, dimentions and magnetic downforce of different motors will all have some effect on a car's performance. You might take a look at this listing:
There is also a version of this list as an Excel spreadsheet which is easier to sort through. I did my own version of that spreadsheet that has watts as a separate column so I can sort the list by power ratings. If anyone is interested PM me with your e-mail and I can send you a copy of that file.
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How high is a Flat 6? Compared to a "normal" FK-180? I ask because a Johnson is "thinner" as well. I have been playing with motor magnets
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Hi Bigtone.
The Flat-6 RS 25K will be out in September, we've got them in house already. It's significantly faster than the current unit, peaking at approx 15 Watt
Have you tried the car yet?
Hi Maurizio, I have finished the car and will send you some pics and a list of all the mods carried out. On the club track it actually handles better than the club class with the JK32 Chassis but loses out considerably on the straight. Our best driver got it lapping within 0.13 of the class record but he said he had to drive really hard to get there. With a more powerful motor I believe it will be faster. I think it will need to be a more powerful motor than your new 25K motor
The new FLAT-6 RS motor is not only 12% more RPM, it also has 20% more torque, so you could gear it higher, and maybe improve theoretical top speed say 30% and still have acceptable braking for the higher speeds.

It has similar wattage ratings to the other motors mentioned above. Certainly worth testing as a drop-in....
I expect to have some in about a week, and will dyno a couple for my own curiosity.
Experience indicates they will probably exceed specification. I imagine Robert L. will have them on his test-bed as soon as they hit USA as well.
I will need one particular club track with a 10 metre straight so I can test them in a Nissan RAW for starters.

What sort of tyre compound and setup do you run for those speeds?
I am running 12mm wide alloy hubs with Alpha Supernatural sponge tyres with 19mm dia
You could probably get a Scaleauto 35-37.500 F1 slimline motor in their, but its a bit down on torque compared with the flat 6. I,ve got this motor going in a Watson offy indy car. john
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