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As many of you already know, Pendle Slot Racing will cease to run the Slot It Challenge at the end of this year. On behalf of the many racers that have entered this series i would like to thank them for their excellent efforts over the past few years.

After 3 successfull "Group C" events,which have seen some superb closes racing, it has been decided to continue with the SIC along similar lines, with the emphasis on standard and therefore more cost effective cars.
The events will be held at GT Raceway, Kilburn, Molesey, Hereford and Pendle with dates to be decided. Hosting clubs will hold the event over a weekend.
It is the intention to race Slot It Classics on the Saturday afternoon after practice. The Group C's will race Sunday after practice and scrutineering. Step-up finals will be held for both classes.
This format should suit racers wishing to avoid hotel costs etc
Racers will be asked to register and pay for 3 events (as per current rules) or enter as a guest for the day/days only but will said racer not be eligible for finals or the championship.
The championship will be scored on best 4 from 5.
Both classes will be "out of the box" with hand out (BRM F22) tyres.
The rules have been well documented on this forum but if you any questions please post them.
Entry fees:
Saturday: practice only £3. Classic (including tyres and practice) £7
Sunday: Group C (including tyres) £10. Both classes £15.

Suggested dates with order of venue to be decided:
February 16th 2013
April 20th 2013
June 22nd 2013
August 10th 2013
September 22nd 2013

If close cheap racing without the "black art" appeals, then this is the series for you.

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Mr G, are we calling it "Group C Challenge" GCC?

I've had a word with 27 and I said I will do the web site for this, just making sure of the name.

I think this is the way to go as every event I have raced in so far has been fudging good fun!


· Jon Grainger
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Hi Graeme,

I pressume you mean inline Group C cars? We run these cars as a regular club night here at Norwich, so I'm sure we maybe able to get a few local drivers, who havnt competed in the SIC, to attend some of the rounds.

Best of luck, sure it's going to be a great series

· Lee Green
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Great all speculation finally confirmed looking forward to this ... It wil now require skill to win a meeting rather than who has the best way of prepping tyres (not those winning sic rounds aren't skillfull) but now it's entirely the driver!

One question will we allow the grey mounts with big wheels like at the molesey event last week?

I think we should allow them as all new cars from now on have them and people already have at least a Toyota or a lancia as we saw at the weekend !

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To clarify: standard is in line. Slot it haven't, as yet, released anything other than in line Group C cars. Julian is sorting the rules and these will be posted shortly but will be based on the rules used at Molesey for the Group C last weekend.

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QUOTE (Flange @ 21 Jun 2012, 12:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>but now it's entirely the driver!

I think entirely is a big stretch, but I get your drift.

From the outside it always seemed the SIC was the best slot car series going, and the most popular. It will be a tough act to follow, as will Pendles as runners be.

I assume the SIC had it's flaws though, or which I know little, hence the changes?

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QUOTE (montoya1 @ 21 Jun 2012, 14:02) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I assume the SIC had it's flaws though, or which I know little, hence the changes?

Unfortunately entries have dropped over the last 2 years. The main reasons appear to be cost and rule changes.
Although the rules were designed to make the racing better and were made with the intention of reducing magnatraction, this didn't suit all. The finals were dropped and the "Classics" introduced to make the weekend better value for money but again this didn't suit all. Pendle Slot Racing have put a huge amount of effort in organising the SIC but i believe that they have moved on to another project.
Various attempts were made to continue the series as it was but in the end, Julian and i decided that we were "flogging a dead horse". After conversations with Pendle, we were given their approval to start a new series.
Hopefully the "Group C", with very simple rules and supplied tyres, will attract some of the old SIC racers along with many new ones.

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Dean, unfortunately everything good comes to an end and the SIC in its current form has run its course. Numbers have dropped drastically which is a real shame as they have mostly been thoroughly enjoyable events. Due to numerous reasons (a few of which I feel shouldn't be listed as its all be done before!) its time for a change and this type of racing has proved to be popular and hopefully it will continue and grow. The rules are fairly straight forward from what I gather and should encourage racers from all walks, from newbies to the SIC veterans to test themselves against others.

Its something I'm looking forward to and hopefully people will get behind it. Plus I am sure the organisation will be bang on with the cooperation and help of the clubs involved!

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These are the rules for the group C class. Rules for the classics will follow shortly and dates will be confirmed soon Group C Challenge 2013 Car Rules

General rules
Cars will be presented for scrutineering with the bodyshell and rear tyres removed and once passed will be held in parc ferme for the duration of the event. Any work that needs to be carried out after this time must be done in parc ferme under the supervision of the scrutineer. Random scrutineering will take place throughout the event.

Lighter fluid, cloth,toothbrush,bearing/gear oil and tape will be provided in parc ferme for tyre/braid cleaning and lubrication. Only the items provided in parc ferme can be used.

One pair of marked control tyres will be handed out after the car has passed scrutineering and these must last the duration of the event. The control tyres for the series will be BRM 22 shore 19x10. Additional sets of tyres will be available for practise at cost.

Cars must start each race with all body elements present with the exception of mirrors, wipers and aerials. Matching wheel inserts must be present at all times.

Eligible cars
Porsche 956c/956kh, 962c/962kh, Jaguar XJR6/9/12, Sauber C9, Toyota 88c, Mazda 787b, Lancia LC2/LC285.
Any new group C models must be available from Pendle slot racing by no later than 1st Feb 2013 to be eligible for the 2013 series. Any models released after this date will not be eligible until the following year. This rule does not apply to 're-liveries', only completely new models.

Cars must remain STANDARD apart from the following allowable changes:
• Cars can be fitted with either of the following two combinations: 0mm offset mount with 15.8mm rear wheels or 0.5mm offset mount with 16.5mm rear wheels. These two configurations cannot be mixed and matched!
• Standard front axle adjustment blocks/inserts can be replaced with grub screws top & bottom.
• Front tyres can be replaced with zero grip rubber and can be glued & trued.
• Chassis's can be lightly trimmed around the edges to allow improved body freedom. It will be down to the scrutineers discretion as to whether the trimming is excessive, so please keep it sensible.
• All Body and Motor mount screws are free choice and can be run loose, however these must be properly secured so they don't drop onto the track.
• Overall rear axle width can be increased to a maximum of 65mm but wheels/tyres must not be visible when the car is viewed from above.
• Bodyshells can be painted, but 'clear coating' a plain plastic shell is not permitted.

The following components are deemed 'free choice' : Body/Mount screws, Front tyres, Braids and Motor wires.

Please note, the only motor allowed for this event is the V12/3, 21,[email protected], Orange endbell, supplied as STANDARD in all new group C's. It can only be fitted inline with the orange endbell rearmost, as per the STANDARD model.

Traction magnets must be removed.

Lighting systems are not permitted.

The scrutineers decision will be final and as always if it doesn't say you can do it, YOU CAN'T!!

All rules and other event info will also appear on the forthcoming website, so stay tuned

In the meantime if there are any questions on the rules or format, please post here or PM myself or Graeme.

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Standard mounts are black and the .5mm are dark grey and are "standard" in the new Lancia and the Toyota and are probably going to become the new "standard'
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