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Slot It Group C GP October 28th, 2012

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GT Raceway will be hosting the above event as a "taster" for next years Slot It group C challenge.
If anyone has any doubts about entering this series then here is a chance to try it out,
Rules are very simple:
Standard cars with the following minor alterations:
Any braid,
Any front tyre
Any motor wire
Any mount and body screws
Grey motor mounts must use the 16.5 rear wheels
Black motor mounts must use 15.8 rear wheels
The above wheel/mount combinations are interchangable on all cars.

Tyres supplied (BRM F22's) and all cars will be placed in parc ferme during the race.
Entry is £10.
Doors open 8am on the day with all other times etc dependent on the size of entry.

Any questions then please PM me,,
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For your information Fred I have only changed screws and braid on my car.
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Graeme Thoburn
George Margan
Ken Mason
Keith Fishenden
Chris Geary
Julian Edwards
Phil Upton
Josh Bryant
Lee Green
Vic Flores
John Shorter
Fred Gallone
Luke Tyrell
Wayne Goble
John Underwood
Mike West
Jack Thoburn
Pat Chidgey
Phil Shearsby
Trevor Allen
Roland Brooks
Matt Brice
Ian Newstead
Steve Street
Gary Darwent
Paul Hearn
Steve Hills
Dave Pepper
Bobby Flores

OMG 30

Who's going to drop out?
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Just to remind everyone that doors open at 8am (clocks go back!) with racing starting 10.30 am at the latest.
Heats will be 15 laps and qualifying will be based on best 5 from 6 on a time basis.
There will be quarter,semis and finals with lane choice reverting to qualifying positions.
In the event that 30 actually turn up there will be a final for the last 6 qualifiers.
ALL cars will be collected at the end of the race and placed in "parc ferme"
10 marshalls will be required for each heat and drivers will be asked to marshall for 2 heats with the exception of brown and green who will only marshall once.
No driver is allowed to work on their car untill they have completed marshalling and only in the area provided and with at least one other person in attendence. I don't wish to sound heavy handed but at least this way there can no suspicion

Lighter fluid and tape will be provided but tyres can ONLY be taped.
See you Sunday.
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It said the doors open at 8am but nowhere in the small print did it say they would stay open

I thought it was a good days racing and the overall format worked extremely well, just small details like the racing format and how progression to the finals needs defining and set within the rules.

Thank you Graeme and Steff for your hospitality and well done to Julian who took the win.
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Thanks for a good day out, (I enjoyed driving around your track quite slowly as it happens), and hope that the series will be sorted out and a great success.
Thanks to Steff for the sandwiches and coffees.
thanks Stefff and Graeme for an great day.
looking forward to the next one.
only really go for the food:)
when do i get to see my name in lights / the results.
will they be here at some time in the future, no hurry , just interested.

gary 'crash' d

ps i need your paypal address,not aol any more is it? see mobile sms
Hi Gary

All the results and info will be posted here next year Group C Challenge

I've spent some time putting this website together, keep an eye on it in 2013.

You can also see the feedback from the event here Group C Challenge feedback

Give Graeme some time to post results, thank you.

Apologies for the delay in posting but Mondays and Tuesdays are busy and I had the small matter of arranging for a new door to be fitted to the "clubhouse".
Many thanks to the 28 racers who turned up for the "taster" for next years new, cheaper and less oily format  I am certain that the series next year will prove to be very popular and will continue to attract more entries. Thanks must also go to all those who filled in empty marshalling points, helped with race control etc and especially to Stephanie who works extremely hard providing food and drink,
There are a couple of things that need sorting out: "parc ferme" was too "busy" and the way finals are structured i.e.: step up or quarters, semis etc needs further discussion between Julian and me. Also Porsche users are unable to fit 16.5 wheels using the BRM tyres and another option with a lower profile is being explored and looks very favourable. There were some comments regarding the lack of scrutineering which, in hindsight was a mistake, but the idea was that this was a relaxed and friendly event that would encourage new and old faces to enter next years series and I didn't think a heavy handed and officious approach was warranted. Oh well 
That apart, the racing was very good and I feel certain that this type of format is what a lot of racers want.
Heat results:
Julian Edwards, Steve Street, Matt Brice, Jack Thoburn, Graeme Thoburn,
Keith Fishenden, Ian Newstead, Lee Green, John Shorter, Phil Upton, Josh Bryant,
Steve Hills, George Margan, Gary Darwent, Wayne Goble, Trevor Allan, Roland Brooks, Vic Flores, Fred Gallone, Ken Webb, Pat Chidgey, Chris Geary, Mike West, Bobby Flores, Dave Pepper, Phil Shearsby, Luke Tyrell.

Quarter 1:
Julian, Lee, John, Trevor, JohnU, Mike
Quarter 2:
Steve S, Phil U, Ian Newstead, Roland, Wayne, Chris
Quarter 3:
Matt, Gary, Josh, Keith, Vic, Pat
Quarter 4:
Graeme, Steve H, George, Jack, Fred, Pat

Semi 1:
Julian, Phil U, John S, Matt, George, Steve H
Semi 2:
Steve S, Lee, Ian, Graeme, Gary, Josh.

A final:
Julian, Steve S, John, Phil, Ian, Josh
B final:
Graeme, George, Gary, Steve H
C final:
Unfortunately 2 racers had misread the rules and were removed from the final placings.
I am of the opinion that neither Lee or Matt would have deliberately sort to gain an advantage but the rules are plain to see and need to be adheered to at all times. It gave neither Julian or i any pleasure in enforcing the rules.
Thanks again to all who made this such a good day, not forgetting the fire brigade and their shiney red fire engine

Congratulations to Julian for winning AGAIN.
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