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G'day all,
I had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new GT40 Gulf and it arrived on Monday this week. As per usual I couldn't help myself but had to give it a run around the track, unboxed it and took the body off to true/oil grease etc and the first thing I noticed was that the front right hand tyre grub screw (for height adjustment) had been super glued in place because someone had made a mess of the grub screw hole during manufacturing. I'm not one who usually complains about these things but its not the first time I have recieved a 'Brand New' car only to find it damaged. I purchased the Nissan R390 Calsonic earlier in the year and it already had one of the front wheel components broken. I take it the thing that we call quality control doesn't exist with these cars or I'm just one of the unluckiest people around (Actually I am, usually when I buy something brand new theres always a problem-(Nissan Entrails a lemon,fridge blew up,microwave didn't work, numerous broken bones, car accident etc). I just thought I'd post this problem as I know there are quite a few collectors here on the forum and it wouldn't look good if in the future you sold your new GT40 to someone else for a tidy profit only for the person who bought the car from you to get stuck into you and say that you have used the car and repaired it with super glue. To say I was dissapointed is an understatement. I would take the car back to where I purchased it from but the airfare alone would probably buy me 10-15 more cars. Although I am peed off I would like to say this this won't stop me purchasing more's in the future. So much for a limited edition.
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My GT40 didn't have this problem, however, the motor wires didn't have eyelets at the ends to mount into the guide, but instead were stuck into the guide holes by M2 screws (those that are normally used for hubs, etc.). Quite puzzling, is this a new trend? I put on some spare eyelets I had lying around and have two extra M2 screws now... Nothing bad, just strange.
Interesting, thanks for the info. I've had eyelets pop out of the guide on other cars before, so I guess it makes sense. But then again, why not go all the way and have ribbed eyelets?
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