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There is an inline fuse on this cartridge. During our enduro Sunday it failed. I had the same type glass fuse from another controller that installed.
I made the mistake of throwing out the factory supplied fuse before checking the rating, I was in the middle of the main heat.
If you have this cartridge can you check the fuse rating and post it?
Thank you,
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It's all good. No one here will argue that the system is intuitive. ;-)
So, it sounds like you got it?
Yes, all set. Linear brake is now active.
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Tried the linear brake setting last, was not happy with the sensitivity. Basically all or nothing.
That's VERY strange. The entire point of it is to eliminate that problem by eliminating the sweep brake option and giving full knob rotation to linear brake setting. Your controller remembered that it was set to that mode, showing "Linear" at the end of the startup message. And you understand that the brake dial is no longer two sided, that turning it fully clockwise (pointing at about 5 on the clock) is full brakes, and counter clockwise (pointing at 7 on the clock, what used to be full sweep) is zero brakes, right? You felt no difference in between?

I'm trying to think of any setting you could have done that would make it be all or nothing as you describe, but I'm drawing a blank. Are you pressing any of the buttons on the side of the controller while racing/testing? What kind of car were you testing with on what kind of track?
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Running on a glued wood track foam tires, 13.8 volts. 25k motor in a Porsche GT1
14/32 gearing.
First I really like the sweep braking. I was hoping in linear mode I would have finer control.
Ah. If you liked how sweep brakes worked, then you're probably better off sticking with them. If I didn't know better, I'd think you had a digital chip with incorrect settings. But, I don't run on wood track with tire glue, so maybe there's something I'm missing.

I'm still surprised you can't feel a difference between full or no brakes. I've never driven any kind of car that didn't have a middle ground.
I can feel a difference. The issue is i still had to use close to 100% brake and turning knob ever so slightly CCW and the brakes go away.
Yeah, that doesn't seem right to me. I wish I could get my hands on it. Can you post a pair of photos showing where it's 100% brakes, and where it's none?
Sure, Saturday we have practice for a 3 hour enduro.
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BTW I was watching the ZOOM meeting last night, how does one go about putting their hand up if they want to contribute to the conversation?
Depends on the interface/device you're using, but most common way is to tap the screen, then tap more, and then tap raise hand. Or, you can do like Chris and just holler out that you want to share something. If you have something to add to an ongoing conversation, unmute yourself and chime in when the opportunity arises. Sometimes you have to just jump in, but I try to remember to give people a chance to chime in before moving to another topic/person. It's not easy to do it all, though, and sometimes I miss someone who is trying to get a word in edgewise.

Of course, you have to be on the zoom chat, not on YouTube.
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