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We are running inline class tonight on our emended track (new bridge section) so remember don't go to mad up to the bridge as it is shorter than before. The bridge design as vastly improved an already top class track.

BRM tyres are available if you don't have any, if you had a set from last meeting they should be scrub in by now!

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Julian only happy to see Ken & Matt

A good evening. Still masses to learn about this plastic stuff it the car got better through the meeting. With little tips from Lee and a little extra body height.

As Pinewood has stopped the 1/32 cars this makes Molesey the nearest club to me so makes sense!!

Hopefully I'll make it one or twice a month.

What's the other classes planned?
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Now I'm all happy

Looks like some good classes.

Personally I hope the inlines are kept as is. They are getting close but the SiC cars need a run out for the people doing the challenge. And I did like running the new Lola!

Whilst typing this I was wonder if the PC would cope with two dos windows open. The thought to run both classes but keep each driver on for a lane. Run 10 laps of inline and then 10 laps of sic. No moving marshals etc. to save time. I suppose though the controllers would need to be tweaked which would be a pain.

Still it will good fun either way
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Good fun it was too.

That Jag is getting quicker but not in the same league as the quick men. Still a lot to learn about this plastic stuff!
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