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In their wisdom Slot-it haven't supplied build instructions for this kit despite a myriad of small parts which I understand are for interior detail. I know that most people wouldn't fit them to save weight, but I'd least like the option of deciding which parts I wan't to fit and which I don't. After I've paid for the stuff, why should they make it hard for me to fit them? My slot supplier has agreed to put this to Slot-it for a response. They don't do unpainted kits now I understand - I wonder why???!!! I'm a recent returner to slot car racing after my distant younger days when I had Scalextric. I'm a bit miffed to say the least by the problems I've suffered so far - poor quality design and lack of quality control on Autoworld III HO NASCAR cars, front axle problems on front-engined Fly cars and the problem. I've been a plastic kit modeller (aircraft mainly) for a long time and I've never come across problems like this from manufacturers such as Revell, Tamiya, Monogram or Airfix.

Perhaps we slot car racers should be a bit more vocal? Or perhaps it's not an issue with most as they scratchbuild anyway?

Anyway, rant over! Purpose of this is to ask if anyone can help me out please with fitting these parts to my Jag, either instructions or photos would be a great help or a source of where such could be found ( dont do build instructions apparently!)

Thanks for listening!
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Your wish, my....
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