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Even though I should have been preparing my HO cars for an upcoming race I couldn't resist installing the light kit in my Porsche 956. The installation was very easy. I pried up the headlight covers and drilled behind one of the dummy headlights on both sides. The headlights snapped off and I set them aside in case I might need them later. I poked the headlights through the holes and glued them in place with some silicone cement. I glued the covers back down with model cement. The tail lights were glued in place inboard of the dummy tail lights. A few more dabs of silicone will keep the wires from getting tangled in the running gear. I had to pull the front axle to install the circuit board. The lights plug into the circuit board making it easy to work on the car. As has been reported the lights are not terribly bright, but they look great. They stay on for quite a while after the power goes off.

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