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I'm sure I've read something about this somewhere, but I can't find it, so here goes:

This new guide sux!

Not the "set screw" guide, but the one in the Lola which requires the patience of a saint & tiny tools flown in from Switzerland. The solution is worse than the problem! This needs to be rectified, if this is the design going forward, just lost my business.
I understand that there are issues w/ lead wires binding against the body & a solution was needed, but this ain't it. Coincidentally, I was prepping a Spirit Dallara last week & found that they had the solution to this problem years ago w/ out resorting to new tooling or design. The wires are simply crossed over & clipped into the chassis; simple, elegant, & based on the miles I've put on my Dallara's, it works.

similar issue; low, narrow nose- confined space

even using the heavy lead wire, this is simple & effective

As it stands now, even though this new Lola is fantastic, I may bail on it unless this can be made easier. I don't have concerns w/ changing braids or guide during a race, I just want to be able to use the car w/out wanting to throw it through a wall.

Bit of a knee jerk reaction Martini.
It's a little difficult but possible to get the new Lola guide to return. The best way i have found is to use NSR wire stripped back to bare wire just in front of the front axle to avoid a short circuit. Twist the copper tightly and thread into the braid as normal. With carefull arrangement the guide will return fairly well. The same result could probably be gained with Slot It wire. I also used a small round file to open up the areas on the chassis where the wire goes in the back of the guide.
The Lola is a very good car. Don't give up on it

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Like I said elsewhere in reply to the same post, a standard guide will NOT fit under the nose of the Lola unless

1 - the guide is moved back by approximately 10mm to the detriment of performance, OR
2 - the nose of the car is raised with an obvious negative impact on correctness of model.

The problem is not in the cables. It's the complete guide which wouldn't fit.

The Dallara is a completely different car.
Then. of course, one can like or not the new guide, but the cable is not the reason behind it.

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