SlotForum banner magnets?

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Hi, can anyone please tell me the difference between the SICNO7 and the SICNO6 magnets?, they look very similar to me, I want to buy the same one that comes in the Porsche 956, I think it is the SIC06 I need?. Been trying to work this one out for months, and now I need to buy one, I still can't tell the difference between them!.

If anyone out there still uses magnets, would appreciate some help, thankyou. I would ask my supplier but, they often don't have a clue themselves!.
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QUOTE (Flange @ 8 Dec 2011, 17:11) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I have absolutely no idea about magnets but i went on Pendle's site and they have pictures of both products , both look like they will fit your motor mount, but one is bigger therefore stronger than another... depends how much magnet you want really....

You can do this from now on

So both will fit?
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Ok, I think that is the one I need the SICNO6, the pictures make them look different shapes to what they are, they look long and thin in the pictures when they are actually only 15mm in length. I think the SICN07 must be the stronger one then as it is slightly thicker on the top part of the magnet. Ok thanks for help, I just wanted to be sure. Cheers.
QUOTE (mrrc65 @ 8 Dec 2011, 17:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>SICNO7 is the strong one.
Thanks for confirmation on this.

Also while I'm here to save posting a new topic, is it possible to buy the screws that screw the motor pod to the chassis?, usually there are 4 screws, but I guess EVO 6 would need 6 screws, not sure if all 6 would be the same size?.

What are the screws with small heads and large heads , what is that all about?, I know the long and short is for the height needed for when using suspension or not, but what is with the large and small heads?, (these are the screws with slots in, I don't mean the motor fixing screws)?

Thankyou very kindly.
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QUOTE (Phil Upton @ 9 Dec 2011, 08:36) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Don't bother buying any magnets, I have enough stuck round my garage to alter the earth's gravity field!

Send me your address (pm me) and I will send you some. screws, large heads fill the hole in the chassis which limits the pod movement (good for wooden tracks), when you run the pod lose which you should do. Small ones do the opposite.

I haven't found a need to run the extra screws in the EVO pod/chassis or come across anyone who does.


QUOTE (bigmarv27 @ 11 Dec 2011, 05:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Yep The CN06 is there stock one and like they said the CN07 is a bit stronger. And there still is some even stronger old CN04 out there. Try to avoid using "Professor Motor" PMTR1028 Neodymium magnet for the Slot.It Pods way to strong only use if your running motors 29k and above or in a AW Pod.
hi, ok so altogether their are 4 magnets that could go into the motor mount pod, the SICN06, SICN07, SICN03, SICN04, and the Professor Motor magnet which is a gold colour, I have seen that also and it says it should be glued, but I just read that you can if you like glue any of these magnets in to hold them as they move slightly in the mount which apparently can affect the handling of a car. I read that you can buy a "rubberised superglue" for this, what is special about that glue?, I guess because it is rubberised it can be removed easier?.

I guess that as the newer motor mounts use the new H shape magnets, that to fit the older magnets you have to break those 2 little sections of plastic away that would go between the H shapes on the newer magnets?, if you get me!
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QUOTE (brembo @ 13 Dec 2011, 20:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>How can you even think of running a Slot.It car with a magnet in it - criminal!
I am assuming Satonmychair must be somewhere in America judging by your persistence in locating these magnets - LOL
Did someone mention "magnets", where where where are the magnets!, give me the magnets now, all of them, I need them all now, LOL
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