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Having finally received my long awaited Nissan(s) and posted on their appearance in stock form ...
..they may stay like that until we return from Rockingham's Tres Petit Le Mans...but def not much longer...
... as the #23 car will be raced by my team @ Suzuka in the DiSCA GT3 race of Jan 29th 2022.
So this topic will be on how we'll prep the car(s) to DISCA GT3 spec, meaning chipping it adding lights (that will be fun)
And the fabrication of some flexible lightweight components (vacformed interior & windows, laser cut rubber rear wing mounts)
Team might even have even a certain Italian guest driver. ( and no this time that's not Grunz)

Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle Wheel

Hard Nut to crack.

This specific Italian gentleman has given me a very hard nut to crack, cause when I check the reference pictures of this exact car...
...and compare it to the car, I can only find some extremely small areas where I can possibly improve the stock car.
More than happy to extend the black on the side skirts, as reported masking on stock car not really a match to the fine finish of the rest of the car
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tire

And there are the solid rearwing supports, these can be lasercut from rubber with some of the openings of the 1/1 wing.
Can also extend the slots for the supports further down the trunk, will give the rubber supports even more room to "Flex"
But look at the detail, Tail lights surrounds painted in correct color...even that embossed Nissan logo is represented on the car

So..make note, add red tow band and some mesh in the lower grille. Rear window seems to have a split frame underneath (decal?)
The only thing that looks a bit "off", is the back end of the roll cage...but haven't been able to score good ref pictures of it.
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Automotive design

DiSCA GT3 rules have a more (box) standard approach , so no trick pod mounted diffuser on this car.
Stock screws already replaced with SV Workz Titanium M2.2. Side suspension will be fitted.
Not clear yet if 1,0mm Offset Evo pod will give 1,8mm Ground clearance under motor with 20,8mm 酶 Scaleauto Procomp wheels.
Regs require running Scaleauto Baby Sprinter motor, hope that won't piss off "Italian guest driver" too much.
But then again Pace car he will also drive will be fitted fully with stock parts...including stock traction magnets :oops:
Yep you read it right, Traction magnets, nobody is going to bump the Official Pace car off the track on the formation lap(s), as previously happend at Le Mans 馃槆

O201C chip obvious choice here, testing will determine if it should be mounted longitudinal or transverse (weight distribution)
Good thing about running that big GT-R is...plenty of real estate on chassis for either configuration.

Body works
Side skirts will be cut of chassis and glued to body, most likely will do the same for the front splitter to allow independent set-up of body and chassis.
4 small Body supports will be mounted in body right in front of rear wheels and behind front wheels.
4 grub screws will be added in chassis underneath to adjust ride height. Been there done that...doing it next month
Dive plates are integrally moulded with the body, pretty sturdy too...will have to see how those will withstand the challenges of Digital racing.

Stock body now at 23,7 total. Vac formed but detailed interior should save 3,5- 4,5 grams off. Not too much gain expected from vacformed windows... plastic windows are already at minimum. So estimate maybe 5 -6 gr max from total vacformed parts.
Which mean there will stil be a lot of (careful) dremeling & scraping to get the whole body down to 14-15 there's room enough for.....
Automotive lighting Product Black Motor vehicle Font

Light(s)..let there be
Estimate 3,5 gr needed for SP44 light kit to power plenty of LED's, Slot it has moulded front lights as separate parts, so these can be done off the car.
The only Jazz I might be able to add will be some pretty purple led light peeking through the front grille.
That is unless DrC and Flag Slot manage to get their "functional LED Number/ Position Display" functional in the next month.
Oh.... good finally see somewhere I can cut into the body, opening up the bumper for the bottom purple leds :)
Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Car

Ok that's it for now, got my to do list for the Nissan(s) but next update will have to wait till next month... but definitely

To be continued

With kind regards
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Daniel, you need to move to a digital! We can let you cut whatever you want ;-)
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I am already thinking about putting the lights in this car - I do not have the car yet but looking at Tamar's pics, this is going to be easily a 14 LED job.
The only guy around here who was(is) an authority in digital racing (he owned the only private club track 10 years ago), is my pal Marc Santos, he plans to open again a private club track anytime soon in the near future, but until then it鈥檚 the only formal way to get into the digital racing for me(of course I could buy a digital set for home racing or adapt to oxigen/scorpius)鈥 you know what? I鈥檒l see how the income for end of this year goes and if everything is ok, maybe next year I鈥檒l be adapting my track for digital racing(pray that Policar releases the Lc please!)馃槈

I die to race GTAM, GTPRO, LMP1 and LMP2 in the same track, simultaneously!馃榾


ps. Little off topic but had to ask, Scorpius or Oxigen?
Maybe move this discussion somewhere else.
But to really enjoying digital racing you need mates and a reliable system.
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Hi Pedro, is the body still warped if you remove the interior tray?
Looking at the pic of the interior tray, I think the driver is "sitting" too tall: even if it were Marciello, his helmet would be much lower between the head rest.
This would be one thing I will change once mines get on top of the dolphins' backs to cross the ditch.
I do not know Tamar, if the driver were a bit lower I would not mind:

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Nice shot, and hey if you want to lower the driver, who's stopping you ;)
I know, I was not asking for permission...:LOL:
I think I will do that also in case I want to make a buck for the vacforming.
Nice Tamar. The only thing that I would add is that 12/28 is a bit too short especially with that crazy baby sprinter motor! ;-)
Especially on large tracks, I go for a 14 pinion (sigma) and 26 spur...and then working around that.
My GT-R(s) have finally arrived and I have been working on them for 2 days in a row and I am not still done.
And this is not even a whitekit...Yesterday I managed to do two lexan interiors (which I will need to paint - adding one more day to finish this project).
It is truly a magnificent model. Will post the work I did on mine on another post.
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The detailed supports look very good. I hope they work well.
For some of the DISCA races, we need to use scaleauto sponge tyres.
The idea is that they do have to be "torn apart" ;-)
More seriously, Tamar and Gary have done a lot of testing when this rule set was put together.
The Procomp 3 rate of wearing on Ninco is good enough for a race of 1 to 1,5 hour.
The DiSCA GT3 Euro Series was set up such that teams have to use some strategy to with tyres.
Initially, the organisers handed out 2 sets of tyres and that was all that you got for practice, race 1 and race 2.
At the beginning of each race, the cars must have a clearance of 1.8 mm under the motor.
So you had to use both tyres over the practice session without wearing them too much otherwise you would not pass the 1.8 mm (I learned this the hard way on my first race).
I think it was (and still is) a very good race format.
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I think in my first DiSCA race, I was Binotto (meaning I screwed up our tyre strategy)!
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Tamar, in which respect the Procomp4 are the best? I know that they should be able to last longer, but then can they last long enough to have both races on a single pair of tyres?
Is there other aspects that Procompt4 are superior over the Procomp3?
Thanks Tamar, guys, for your answers.

Also, are you allowed to use oil on the sponge tires?
I saw this to be a practice to increase in the club I used to go to.
The downside is that the track became extremely gluy and durty.
The best thing that works on the Procomp tyres (at least of the Procomp3) is the Scaleauto tyre cleaner:
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Have you used any additive for the sponge tyres?
Chris' suggestion of using Nivea cream really works - plus your hands are soft and smell nice after using it! ;-)
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Well, put it in this way Claude, some people spend time and money to get that effect on their get it from free by running those tyres ;-)
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