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I'm using a Scalextric Digital Sport system (APB) with 6 digital cars. I've heard of Oxygen system.
My track is 12.75 meters long with 1 XLC, 2LC and a pit lane with pit lane game (no pit-pro).

What would be the benefit (and cost) of implementing an O2 system ?

What is the collision detection? How does this work with pacer car ?

Thanks for your information.
Kind Regards.

Greg Gaub
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O2 does not have anti-collision at this time. It's unknown if they plan to add such a feature. You could install BLST to manage lane changing and avoid collision, but you could do that with SSD as well.

The main advantage to O2 is the ability to run up to 20 cars. Also, cars are only powered by the track. They are controlled completely wirelessly, directly from the controller to the car.
If you don't feel the need to run more than 6 cars, and you're OK with wireless that goes through a computer or an accessory (such as the SCS wireless kit), then there's little reason to move to oXigen.
Arguments can be made for or against other things, but IMHO, those are the big ones.
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