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So I want to rewire it.
Hi guys.
That it, but where to start.
Windings on this fella are 157 turns with 0.19mm wire.
I could not find that size, so went for the closet 0.22mm.

Now the bit I looking at. So, getting 157 turns on this is looking grim. Just about got 100. move to second poll, and no way will I get 100, third, well, may get 50.
So, what's the trick???

Anybody got something I could read up on?


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Grah1 in 2004 did an excellent post which got got me started on rewinding motors;#entry15908

Follow the advice given and 150 turns becomes possible but a bit tight with 0.22mm dia. wire, but this will not give the same performance as the original 0.19mm wire due to lower resistance. If you want to repair back to standard then you will need the correct wire guage.

For extra zip try 130 turns of 0.22mm, with the commutator advanced by 10 degrees.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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