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Thank to the new App and the additionnal parameters, I found that my C chips were not all programmed in the same mode. I did program them in the past with the bootloader in O2 mode.

This one is shown as O2 hybrid in the App, but the bootloader indicates that it is in Oxygen.
View attachment 283087

On the other hand a second C chip is shown in O2 mode in the App as well as in the bootloader
View attachment 283088

I tend to trust the App rather that the bootloader but this is a bit confusing to me.
May be I'll try to program The Oxigen SSD mode with the bootloader and se what the App say
Hum, I am not sure what to think about that !
  • Starting with a chip reported by the App as O2 hybrid and by the bootloader as Oxygen
  • I have programmed the O2 mode with the App
  • => The boot loader still reports Oxygen
  • I have re programmed the Oxygen- SSD mode with the boot loader
  • => The App still reports O2
It is like the bootloader and the App are not programming the same thing, or I might be confused about what all these things mean (having in mind that the names are not the same Oxygen-SDD / O2 hybrid and Oxygen / O2).
A bit of clarification would be welcome.

9,269 Posts app asks for location permission and requires you to register the chips.
But it is for free - is taking the bulk of the costs for developing both versions of the app (Android and iOS). is not asking permission to access your wallet (or credit card).
Granted, both versions of he app are not perfect yet but most of us can do the all the operations required to upgrade the firmware in the chip.

No vaporware limbo and/or endless posts of imminent releases: the app is here!

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The location permission is a requirement of the Android system. We don't know what to do with it, and we don't store it either, but there are some Android services that will only work with geo localization on.

By the way, in the lab we have likely solved the issue with DFU and iOS, so we expect the developer to send us a iOS version that deals properly with DFU, without using Nordic's iOS own app, soon. This will be a welcome, major step in the right direction.

Yes Grunz, our app is free, even if it shouldn't, as development doesn't come free and this market is very small.
However, like I explained some time ago, the main idea beyond the whole registration stuff was (and is) to
1 - have a lower overall retail cost of the products. This would be made possible by in-app purchase of the firmware. Now our customers must buy a complete controller with the firmware included. We have to factor the development cost of the firmware in the controller cost. By taking the firmware cost outside the distribution chain, the SCP-3 (for example) would cost you less and our margin would be better. Too bad Google or Apple would take 30% of that...
2 - have a way to tell exactly when the IC or SCP was first used for warranty. No need for receipts, and no problem linking a certain receipt to a certain device. Good for us and for the customer.

Once we have equivalence between iOS and Android versions we can concentrate on new app features and interaction with our devices - current and future (such as the lane changer)
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