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· Gary Skipp
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I am pleased to announce the 2nd edition of the oXigen Le Mans 24 hours!

Teams of between 3 and 6 drivers are invited to register.

The race will run from 23rd-24th March 2013. Free practice and qualifying session will take place on the preceding Friday.



The venue is a modern sports and leisure facility with ample off-road parking and nearby amenities. Access to the sports hall will be as follows;

FRI 12:00-00:00
SAT 09:00 to SUN 18:00

At the time of this post, we are in the process of arranging for mobile catering to be situated on-site Friday evening and during the daytime Saturday and Sunday. Hot and cold food should be available for purchase during these times.

The event is open to cars that raced at Le Mans between 1997 and 1999 inclusive.
Teams may enter in one of three categories; LMP, GT-1, GT-2.

Cars must have a plastic chassis.
Control motor ( Flat6 or V12/3 21500rpm) supplied.
Control tyres supplied.
A permanent light kit is required.
oXigen chips will need to be supplied by the entrant.
SCP-1 hand controllers are available to hire.

A list of eligible cars is attached to this post.
Regulations are attached to this post. Please check periodically that you have the latest version.

Overall race winner
Top three positions in each category
Fastest qualifying time overall
Best presented car (concours d'elegance)
'Spirit of Le Mans' trophy

To register for the race, please complete the registration form attached to this post.

The registration fee is £205.00 / eu.225.00, to be payed in full by 31st January 2013.
A deposit of £25.00 / eu.25.00 is required with registration.
Payment via PayPal, bank transfer, personal cheque.

To register, please send your entry form to [email protected]
You must specify the class you wish to enter at the time of registration.
Registration will not be considered official until a deposit has been received.

The first 16 teams to register will be entered into the race.
Any additional teams will added to a reserve list (maximum of 4)
In the event that a registered team defaults, the first reserve will take their place.
If a registered team does not process payment in full by 31st January, the first reserve will be invited to take their place. Non-competing reserve teams will have deposits refunded in full one week before the race.

For our friends that raced in 2012, a short summary of changes is given in the document attached to this post.

Gary or Alex will be happy to answer any queries here on the forum, via PM, or via email at [email protected]


· Gary Skipp
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Hi Mark, great! It'll be excellent to see North Staffs again. Thanks for your support.

Jon, after some interesting and prolonged discussion we have decided that we do not wish to raise the track. Ever! So, no. It'll be on the floor

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Without wishing to side track Garys thread, PSR with help from Gary Skipp & Maurizio Ferrari of are putting together a double 6hour Oxigen race based loosely around the Battle of the Manufacturers format. This will be held at Pendle Slot Racing on the weekend of November 24/25 2012. If the idea of 24hours is a little too daunting then this event may be for you. We will be posting details shortly on a new thread. Please PM me or reply through the new thread for further info.


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Count us in, it will be a real pleasure trying to defend our title.
Inspiring pick of years by the way

We will let you know asap which category/year/class/car most likely something raced by Jan Lammers or one of the other dutch drivers

plenty of cars to choose from

with kind regards

Tamar Nelwan
Racing for Holland

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Excellent, I was disappointed I missed last year's race.
I shall try this year to come along especially if there are 20 cars on track.

If there's a team which requires an extra driver I would be interested in sharing the costs.
Must add that I've never raced a 24 hour race, so I would prefer a team who are in it for the fun, thrills and enjoyment of racing and not so much the "win at all costs" attitude.

btw I can bring a controllers

· Gary Skipp
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I'm thrilled to see that some friendly faces will be returning

Tamar, you are so right about these years! This period of sports car racing was simply awesome and there are lots of competitive slot cars represent this period. There are also some fine models by companies like FLY and Ninco that can be made to go well with our open regulations. The pictures you have posted have me grinning already, and ALL of those cars are available as RTR!

I recommend that anyone in the UK interested in this race keeps their eyes open for Sean's 6+6hr event. If you want to experience o2 endurance racing without staying awake all night then this will be an ideal way to get your eye in. If signing up for 24 hrs of Le Mans seems like jumping in at the deep end, you'd be wise to try this 1000km-sized even in preparation

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Can the tyre changing rule be revised to changes must be supervised rather than having an official do it?

Looking for a team to race with, have previous experience with digital racing, and in the dark too

· Gary Skipp
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QUOTE (Chip of FDSC @ 13 Sep 2012, 10:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Can we use wireless Oxigen cartridges with the controllers? We are bringing our own controllers and all we have are the wireless cartridges.

Hi, not too sure what you mean..

Each team will need one SCP-1 hand controller, fitted with an oXigen cartridge. You may bring your own, or hire one from us.

QUOTE (Ed. @ 12 Sep 2012, 21:40) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Can the tyre changing rule be revised to changes must be supervised rather than having an official do it?


· Lee Green
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What if said official isn't up to the job of putting the set of tyres on .. It's like getting a person from race control coming and changing a wheel on Lewis hamiltons car....

Also why I's it p5 tyres and f22 not ,f15 and f22 ? These are both the same type of rubber not completely different therefore mixing which will possibly Effect the other tyres grip?

· Gary Skipp
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It's actually more like the technician from Michelin fitting the tyre to the wheel he is supplied with by the team scout. Which is exactly what happens at Le Mans, or any other race
It will also allow officials to police the use of legal tyres more effectively than we did last year. Don't make the mistake of thinking that someone for race control will get involved in your pitstop, that won't happen. You bring wheels, we fit tyres. When and how they go on the car is entirely in your control. For example;

Car is on track. You bring us 2 rear wheels with no tyres.
We fit a marked set of tyres to your wheels and give them back to you.
You make a pitstop, and swap the wheels.
You bring the 'old', used tyres and wheels to race control.
We take the old tyre off, check it's marked as legal, and fit a new set for your next pit stop. Etc.

In all cases, we will expect either no tyres or a worn-out pair of marked tyres to be on the wheels you supply. We'll also know how many we've handed out and how many we've had back. So don't keep bringing us blanks and asking for new rubber, we'll know something fishy is going on

The exact compound published in v01 looks likely to change. After the discussing tyre options I thought I had remembered the correct conclusion, and it looks like I got that wrong
We will update the regulations with the correct tyre in due course.

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Wow Gary.
This sounds all very serious stuff!
Are there going to be 'sanctions' for all the cheating miscreants who abuse the tyre rules?
Perhaps taken outside and giving a dam good thrashing, Basil Faulty style, will keep them in know what these Digi racers are like...always looking for the 'unfair' advantage!
Leg pulling aside, I hope your second running of the event is a great success.
Cheers Bill

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QUOTE I'm confused. This IS a race for toy cars........

What's confusing? Some people will try and cheat at anything to win - even toy cars!

IMHO only people intending on cheating or finding a loop hole have a problem with rules like this.
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