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Good evening community,

Allow me to apologize for my ignorance in advance, but I was hoping that I might be able to inquire about utilizing a Slot.It Oxigen system with Scalextric digital track. We are currently running the following:
  • Scalextric ARC Pro track system (50 foot running length) with digital pit lane, and 3 digital lane changes
  • RevoSlot cars outfitted with Slot.It SP15c SSDs
  • Slot.It SPC3 wireless controllers
  • MagicARC timing system on Windows 10 OS
I was hoping that someone who has converted their Scalextric digital track to an Oxigen system might be able to provide some insight regarding how they accomplished it - perhaps even a detailed parts list?

I welcome any input or advise.



· Greg Gaub
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In your position, same as mine more or less... it's SUPER easy. All you need to do is install the magnets under the track for the oXigen lap counting and pit sensing. Then, when you install the chips into your cars, set them up for use on AC track (Scalextric Digital). For older chips, that means moving the motor leads to the bottom of the chip. For the Type-C chip, it's moving a screw. I'd suggest putting the magnets on both sides of the slot, so that the hall effect sensor can be on either side of the chassis. Other than that, you'll need the oXigen USB dongle for lap counting and race control.

If you want the ARC Pro to take care of lap counting/timing, just make sure the oXigen cars are set to SSD or Hybrid mode (in the app), and programmed to IDs 1-6. Just beware that there will be no control over the cars as far as power before, during, or after a race. In this case, you don't even need the magnets under the track, or the USB dongle. All you would do is the chip installation for AC use.
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