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I've been told that have discontinued their P4 tyres and they are no longer available. The alternatives that have been recommended are P5 or C1 tyres.

I race on Ninco track and I need some 19x10 tyres.

Should I go for the P5 or C1 tyres?


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why not try some ninco tyres there not to bad now days
Sod that , try f15s (slot it)
your ninco track will rip F15 to pieces.
F15 is great on smooth wood, its too soft for rough plexi track.
when we raced 24 hour at wolverhampton last year the handout tyre was F22 , seemed to work fine
Have you raced on plastic with f15s on plastic peter ? I have and there fine and I imagine untried ones would be too , but yeah your right ,f22s are probably best suited to ninco , or just use p5s ?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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