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HI All

- Same single stock magnet, in same location, behind the motor under the pinion.
- Same 26k motor in both.
- Shaved the Porsche front axle guides to allow smooth running.
- The Porsche guide can turn closer to 90 degrees than the Audi guide.
- Running on Ninco Home track layouts.

- Both cars are equally quick in a straight line.
- Ride height the same.
- The Audi bounce slightly more over bumps than the Porshe.
- I cannot interchange the guides as they are physically different.
- The Porsche guide does not rotate as easily as the Audi, because the nose of the body is smaller than the Audi, and seems to restrict the guide wires slightly. It does turn fully from side to side, but just seems stiffer.
- The Porsche comes unstuck on transitions, especially where yo have to change direction quickly. It seems to jumps straight out.

My ideas:
- I have routed the guide wires within the Porsche as straight up the sides of the chassis, under the front axle.
- I have tried a wooden track guide with screw in the Porsche, but shaved it down slightly and shortened it too = which has helped slightly.
- I have tried running without the Porsche body = no change.
- I have tried running without the Porsche front axle = no change.

This is starting to read like a school experiment !

Basically I need help, I want to keep the cars evenly matched, without going overboard on nose magnets and the like.

Has anybody else run the 2 cars back to back, and do they run similarly fast ?
Any other suggestions for the Porsche ?

Thanks in advance


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Check the chassis for straightness. Replace the guide.
I have used the TSRF replacement Guide with some positive results. If you go down this route you will need to slightly enlarge the slot guide hole to accommodate the TSRF brass sleeve, and you will need to enlarge the chassis cut out for the extra length of the new guide.
The Slot.It standard guide is not the most positive fixing I've come across.



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Hey There!

Strange, my findings are, in standard guise, that the Porsche is somewhat quicker than the Audi. When I say somewhat I mean 3 or 4 tenths over 22 metres of Scalextric Sport track. I have every radius of bend available including two hairpins and many cloitoids. It takes every one of them in it's stride with minimum of fuss.

In fact, with some tuning, which includes PPR supertires and an inline reverse motor mount with extra standard magnet the Porsche has become my quickest car. I managed to take 0.38 of a second off the previous quickest time (Fly Viper - 6.018) within 30 laps and am sure there is more to come with practice. Of course this is not quite fair as the Viper only runs with one magnet. I shall have to purchase one of the Slot.It racing mags and see how it does with that.

Good luck getting yours running properly,

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