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QUOTE Anyway, I would just like to know what's the correct term for these cars, like this Porsche and the other Le Mans types.

Swiss, you are correct!

Maurizio, agreed the Scaleys are good (actually much better than the standard of the day when they were made), but your Slot-it models are just plain fantastic! Bellissimo (if you'll excuse my attempt at italian spelling sans dictionary)

Mampara, you could add - dominant, legendary and a few other adjectives to Swiss's comment, however you are looking for the technical class that these cars ran in...

They were classified by the FIA as 'Group C' cars. They (956/962) dominated Le Mans from 82-87. They were a mainstay in 'Sport-protoype' racing for over a decade 82-95!

There were various championships they ran in over the years: the World Endurance Championship for Makes for one. Others can fill in the list as I am not expert here.

Best, Ken R
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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