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Some of you may recall I was less than enthused about the performance of my Slot.It porsche. Basically it was a poor runner and deslotted at the slightest sign of uneven track.

Well I found the problem, it turns out that the chassis was distorted both in the horizontal and vertical plain. This showed itself most noticably at the front of the car where the chassis was actually located below the guide, hence a deslot at the very sight of a bump?.

The fix was fairly straight forward, a strip down of the chassis, a quick heat up from the wife's hairdryer and hey presto one straight chassis.

The guide was very loose in it's holder so I spread the retaining pin with flat bladed screwdriver, now it's fine. Tyres were glued on and magnet removed.

The car now preforms as it should have done from the box.

The reason for the twisted chassis?..........I think the problem was caused by the type of display case that use...It has a central raised section, (to keep the tyres off the ground?), if the car is screwed too tightly to this "rib" or offset slightly the chassis will distort. I have now removed the rib from the display case.

In the long term I am considering replacing the existing rather limp chassis with a PC Board one, using the motor mount and running gear. I will also replace the guide with a TSRF unit, as this gives a more positive mount. (excuse this expression!).



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spot on beejay7 had the same prob, one thing i found, after it had been heated and bent back flat , over night it it tryed to revert back to the bent position, next time i overbent it slightly so it set flat, have not run it yet hope its fixed mp
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