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QUOTE (DR STICKY @ 18 Jun 2004, 12:21)hi slow hand
i take it is a yellow slot it crown gear that has come with the starter kit i think it has 27 teeth on it.
you could always go for small number of teeth on the crown that is slot it make them with less teeth so smaller crown
blue i think is 26
green 24
but these 2 are smaller than the yellow 27 in diameter so it should clear the body but will give i think less braking effect but more top end speed.

hope this helps
The yellow crowm gear in the starter kit is in fact 28 teeth, the diameter of this gear is to big to fit in the car. 27 is black and will fit.

gears from big to small available from are:
red 30 teeth
yellow 28 teeth
black 27 teeth
blue 26 teeth
green 24 teeth

HTH, Jan
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