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You can get starter kits on all number of z´s. But the black one is the 27z , the yellow crown is 28z.

But i dont understand the problem. The V12 LMR is that BMW LMP barquetta right?
I didnt had any problem both with using the NC1/NC2 adapter from ninco to a v12 29k or with crowns.
Their size fits all my nincos chassis.
The only problem i had with their stuff on my V12LMP was that the piece of motor axle that stick out of the motor towards the front (i dont know the technical terms to explain this) was rubbing on the driver seat, so i had to dremmel out that piece of metal. After that, i managed to steal .2 secs of my best lap record.

Perhaps the LMR aint the LMP, i dunno know...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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