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I've just bought a new Audi R8C (CA12C) which has had its rear wheel grub screws over-tightened in the factory. I've ruined three new allen keys trying to loosen the screws, only have two undamaged allen keys left and don't want to ruin those. I need to loosen the grub screws to reposition the rear wheels, which have been fixed too far inboard at manufacture.

I've tried alternately gently heating and cooling the axle and wheel assembly, which succeeded in loosening one screw, but the other is still jammed tight. Any ideas how to undo it?
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Regular L shaped Allen keys that small are nearly useless. If you want to stick with stuff the PA23 wrench with a slipper clutch is your best bet. There are a number of wrenches with hardered tips out there. Those tend to be expensive and the tip will want to snap off before it will round off. The wrenches by Wiha are not likely to do that. The screws themselves can also round off, but a wrench with a hardened tip will get them out most of the time. Higher quality screws are available, I get mine from Slot Car Corner.
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