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I've just bought a new Audi R8C (CA12C) which has had its rear wheel grub screws over-tightened in the factory. I've ruined three new allen keys trying to loosen the screws, only have two undamaged allen keys left and don't want to ruin those. I need to loosen the grub screws to reposition the rear wheels, which have been fixed too far inboard at manufacture.

I've tried alternately gently heating and cooling the axle and wheel assembly, which succeeded in loosening one screw, but the other is still jammed tight. Any ideas how to undo it?
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I have had a lot of problems with the small grub screws in Slot it wheels, i have given up on the small L shape wrench completely useless and have bought a proper wrench even though using this has not cured the problem of buring the grub screw, it looks like i will have to rethread my Slot it wheels to take P/P size grub screws which i find ok in my other cars, Slot it please do something about this, and i am careful not to over tighten Keith.
Come on Slot it judging by the comments on the Forum this stupid little grub screw you are using in the wheels is not up to the job it may be ok if you don't remove the wheels at all but if you change spec in the gear/wheel department they are completely useless like bigtone i am having to do extra work to get a more effective set up and i am also looking at NSR in fact i am getting so fed up with this i am seriously thinking of switching to NSR cars as well even though i like the Slot it cars your grub screws are a step backward a disgruntled soon to be ex customer Keith.
Interesting CJA like bigtone, others and yourself i have been around a long time about 50 years and i do know what i am talking about, if you read the other comments about Slot it grub screws we are not alone in this problem which i personally have found annoying, as far as wind up merchants go a man of your years should show some respect when people are having a problem and if you were a true fan you would be offering help and advice instead of making remarks which belittles your years, Keith.
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