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I've just bought a new Audi R8C (CA12C) which has had its rear wheel grub screws over-tightened in the factory. I've ruined three new allen keys trying to loosen the screws, only have two undamaged allen keys left and don't want to ruin those. I need to loosen the grub screws to reposition the rear wheels, which have been fixed too far inboard at manufacture.

I've tried alternately gently heating and cooling the axle and wheel assembly, which succeeded in loosening one screw, but the other is still jammed tight. Any ideas how to undo it?
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I agree that a hardened wrench is the way to go and used carefully will last and last.

Did you also know that you can quickly un-ruin the L shaped keys by cutting, grinding or dremeling off the worn bit?
A quick rub with some emery to remove swarf and you have a new key, just a bit shorter!

Obvious I know but just in case...

Also, if you have a hammer and a vice and can get the axle out of the car, support the wheel carefully in the vice then carefully tap the end of the axle until the wheel is in the right place, using another axle as a drift if necessary - this might have the added bonus of freeing up the allen screw.

Good luck! Rob
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