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I've just bought a new Audi R8C (CA12C) which has had its rear wheel grub screws over-tightened in the factory. I've ruined three new allen keys trying to loosen the screws, only have two undamaged allen keys left and don't want to ruin those. I need to loosen the grub screws to reposition the rear wheels, which have been fixed too far inboard at manufacture.

I've tried alternately gently heating and cooling the axle and wheel assembly, which succeeded in loosening one screw, but the other is still jammed tight. Any ideas how to undo it?
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Heating up light alloy and metals will cause the material to expand faster than the bolt and thus crush the bolt in tighter and even ruin the internal thread.

The tiny grub screw design needs a rethink at SlotIt and Fly and Ninco as they fail to do up tightly and undo effectively without stripping both allen keys and the hex bolt hole. They need to pinch the larger NSR style and move along the technology bus a bit.

You have also probably already stripped out the hex bolt hole. If so, you really need to address this with SlotIt or your retailer as they are impossible to get out once the hole strips without drilling and ruining the thread.

File down your ruined allen keys so the heads are fresh and use WD40 penetrating spray or 3-in-1 oil. A tiny drop in the bolt hole is all you need. But clean it up after or the hubs will slip.
1. The larger NSR bolts obviously do not create an imbalance of any noticeable proportion or NSR wouldn't make such fine performing cars, would they?

2. Thanks Dopamine. You obviously know what you're doing and you must be 100% correct on all counts, so carry on regardless of what you clearly see is rubbish advice! But if you are right on all counts, how come you can't get the bolts to move?

3. I've seen several posts in the past over a few years when these SlotIt bolts have been mentioned as being fragile.
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