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Me and Andy shaved our PB’s.
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One noticeable heat was heat 3, where there was only one off. I don’t think its fair to name names but, it wasn’t Alan, Frank, or Andy.

A Final:

Andy and Alan were having a super close race till lap 20, when there was an off, plus another couple of offs on laps 22 and 24, where Andy increased the gap from Alan by a couple of seconds, that led him to claim 2nd, Alan 3rd, Frank 4th, and me 1st.

Keith 25
Andy 23
Alan 21
Frank 20

F1 Club Cars (No points just positional results)

Alan improved his PB.
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Heat 3: Alan, Andy, and me, were together for 5 laps, then me and Andy started to pull away from Alan. There was only a small gap between us, (0.700 average every lap) for the complete race, quite tense but enjoyable.

There were only about 11 or 12 offs across all heats, and only 2 in the final.

A Final:
I was forced to have a centre lane as Andy and Alan chose the outer lanes, it did workout to my advantage, I led all the way to a win, Andy was about half a lap down on me, the gap was constant throughout the race and only just lapping Alan around lap 23/24. Me 1st, Andy 2nd, Alan 3rd and Frank 4th.

In half the evenings races, the first 3 finished on 25 laps.

Next week: F1 Club Cars for points and GT3 as a 2nd class.
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