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QUOTE (cabbyman @ 2 Feb 2012, 07:21) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I like the look of the green Jever livery and the white one too, it would be nice to see at least one of the porsche's being released before the end of this month or is that just wishful thinking.

Dream on my friend , you will see "ready to launch" cars on the next exibition in 2013 in Nuremberg

best regards


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At a guess I would say so it can be used for full magnetic pull installed one way up, or minimum installed the other way up.
Probably to help Italian championship races which run on ninco iirc.

Some nice looking cars, for those worried about detail finish, don't forget these are prototypes on display for the new cars, probably hand finished.

And some nice figures on the new flat 6 motors, would have loved a 22-23 k with 300g/cm but they are a nice step up from the current ones

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It would also work here for the Challange we currently buy different motors for different tracks to comply with the rules, closed can for plastic or magnetic braid, open can for copper. One motor suits all simple but effective.

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Wow! Who makes the pit lane pieces?

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Hi all.
The 911s are hand painted plastic test shot from moulds. and they look much better in reality than in pictures, believe me. And they run fast

(yes I've tried them). Moulds are almost finished.

The lane changer is a Carrera unit with O2 electronics

We're not selling the pit lane, it's a custom job for our demo track

Yes the Flat6s with open and closed can allow 2 different levels of magnetic traction (zero or mild for Flat-6 and Flat-6 S, strong or very strong for RS) depending on which side is facing the track. They are really a perfect companion for the Lola in AW setup.

Hope I've answered to all questions...


QUOTE (slotcrazy @ 2 Feb 2012, 22:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>And would I be right in guessing that the OTHER two distinguished looking gentlemen at either side of "the maurizios' " are Doug and Jexy?
I don't think that's Jexy but it is Doug,
Recognise the other 2 though.
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