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Hi all.
The 911s are hand painted plastic test shot from moulds. and they look much better in reality than in pictures, believe me. And they run fast

(yes I've tried them). Moulds are almost finished.

The lane changer is a Carrera unit with O2 electronics

We're not selling the pit lane, it's a custom job for our demo track

Yes the Flat6s with open and closed can allow 2 different levels of magnetic traction (zero or mild for Flat-6 and Flat-6 S, strong or very strong for RS) depending on which side is facing the track. They are really a perfect companion for the Lola in AW setup.

Hope I've answered to all questions...

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oh and you should have seen Gary of MRE driving the box stock Lola on our track, it looked like he liked the car as much as I do.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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