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Slot.It Tyres F15-F22-F30

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Just a quick 'un.

I assume that the three codes imply three different softness levels but which way around is it?

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Yes, it's shore ratings, and so the F30 isn't really "hard", just "least soft" of the 3

The F22 has been shown to work almost as good as silicons on the gloss wood tracks in our area. A set will JUST get a lighter weight car through a proxy series, or say a 6 hour enduro - - maybe . . . if you're lucky.

F15 is really a sprint tyre. Quite tricky to true.

F22 can be tricky to true, but if you work "wet" and low friction, you can get them to a matt finish but completely smooth and round.

I haven't run F30 myself, but I am sure other surfaces/siuations if will be good. Maybe for Ninco track, as it more tearing resistance.
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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