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Slot-it Wheels & Tyres

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I am looking to replace the wheels and tyres on my Carrera Pug 307. The current tyres aren't the most grippy and let the rest of the car down. I can't find anything in my spares bin that would fit!

Firstly I want something that looks about the same - white with multiple spokes. Plus be around the same diameter - Wheels about 16mm with tyres about 20-21mm.

I was looking at getting some Slot-it wheels and tyres. Can somebody explain to me the difference between all the tyre compounds S1 P1 P2 etc. Which Slot-it tyres fit which Slot-it wheels? Their small plastic hubs might even do the job once painted so what tyres would I need?

Ninco I see also do some white multi spokes (80708) can anyone tell me what size they are?

Hope that isn't all too confusing!

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Cheapest option would be Ninco Multispokes in white.

Use 19x10 tyres to fit these hubs.

P3 - Most grip
P2 - Less grip, still good
P1 - Least grip

S1 - Silicone, not adviseable unless all of your cars run on silicone tyres. Good grip on smooth tracks though.

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Thanks for the help McLaren.
May do as you suggest but out of interest which Slot-it tyres fit which wheels?
For 17x10 wheels (SIPA19), use 20x11 tyres. These wheels are the same size as Ninco large diameter rear wheels (for example 80704). Therefore Ninco 80509 tyres will also fit.

For 15x8 wheels (SIPA17), use 19x10 tyres. These wheels are the same size as Ninco small diameter wheels (for example 80708). Therefore Ninco 80505, 80506, 80508, and 80512 tyres will also fit.

For 17x8 wheels (SIPA18), also use 19x10 tyres. These wheels are the same size as Ninco large diameter front wheels, and Ninco large diameter Rally wheels (for exapmle 80707). Therefore Ninco 80505, and 80506 tyres will also fit.

For details see Pendle's Slot.It Spares Page and Ninco Tyres Page and Ninco Hubs Page.

Hope this helps.

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Brilliant, thanks!

Is it just me who doesn't think think this is very obvious or am I missing something?
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It takes quite a long time of racing and using the stuff to get to know it all.

Any other questions while I'm on a roll?

I have a question andy whats the answer to the question of life the universe and everything?
QUOTE (McLaren @ 8 Dec 2004, 12:35)Any other questions while I'm on a roll?

Well since you asked!
Running the car almost exclusively on Scalextric Sport, which tyres/wheels combo is going to provide the best performance?
Oh and what do you think I should I get my wife for Christmas?

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Oh god... Ortman tyres are best for Sport track, but I have no idea about them at all.

P3 are virtually as good, as are Proslot slicks.

The wife would like perfume, or jewellry... or at least that's what she told me...

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errr ive got a question!!!

fly evo, needing new rear wheels & tyres, whats best?
also what wheels do i want on the front?
and has anyone here ever tried a NSR axel kit?? they sound better than slot it......
I'd go with Slot.It.

SIPA19's on the back and SIPA17's on the front.

Unfortunatly this means that you'll have to buy a new axel, contrate and bearings for the back end, and a new axel for the front. This is because Slot.It (and most other) components are based around 3/32" axels, whereas Fly Racing and Ninco stuff are all for 3mm axels.

NSR are a company that I don't know a great deal about because they aren't readily available in Britain.

You can make any of the wheels fit any of the axle combinations if you are prepared to sleeve the axle or drill out the wheels, but as Mclaren says it is much easier to either use 3mm or 3/32nd.

NSR tyres are good on Sport track and are available in the UK from Andy Brown- Searle at AB Slotsport.

This is a set fitted to a Fly Panoz Esperante with standard fly gears/axles, (including front stub axles). The wheels require drilling out to fit.



PS Hope you are talking about Non-magnet cars, cause I haven't done any testing at all on magnet equiped ones.
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Just an update. I have found some Scalextric Mercedes DTM wheels that match very well (after a coat of white paint they will anyway) and they are exactly the right size!

I know, I know after all those tricky questions Mclaren I just go and do something completely different!

Anyway this has transformed the Carrera. On my home Sport track where acceleration is everything, the Carrera Pug is now hassling the Scalextric Skoda, infact they are almost a perfect match although the Peugeot is still far more fun to drive, drifting through the corners in a far more controllable manner due to its long wheelbase.

Trouble is my AutoArt Subaru is being left behind now! Might have to get some new Ninco wheels and Slot-it tyres after all............

Thanks for the advice.
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are those the nsr rims on that panoz? it looks quick
When it comes to Slot-It and Fly Ninco there's a funny thing.
Straight off the rim is too broad to fit a Slot-It, but switch places of hubs, front to back, and it all works out swell.
That way you get the upgrade as easy as possible.

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