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Hi guys,

I would like to know why does release white kits for the "scratch builder", and do not include decals for the kit.

I bought a Nissan R390 white kit as i could not find a calsonic No.23 anywhere locally in south africa where i live. I love building my own cars from scratch so the white kit was not a problem until i found out it has no decals. Now i am sitting with a black and red R390 waiting for decals so i can give the car it's final shiny clear coat. I have taken it to a hobby shop and the guy took photos of my tamiya 1/24 scale model to try make up decals, but am still waiting for a reply.

I would like to know if maurizio at has the decal sheets available.



· Jan Groosmuller
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Patto's might be your best bet, they do a sheet for this car (and the sister cars 21 and 22).

To be found here: Patto's
Click on the N for Nissan and scroll down

· *** Leo A Capaldi ***
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Hello Tony,
Slot-It cars are tampo-printed, so there are no Slot-It decals. The lack of printing makes the "white kits" cheaper to produce, but in practice they sell for almost the same as the printed cars.

Kind regards, Leo
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