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SLOT L. C. S - Ferrari Testarosa

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Spain, September 2011.

- SLOT L. C. S. It is a project recently created with an aim to provide hand finished cars with quality assembly.

- The first model available is the Ferrari Testarosa 1984, manufactured in resin 1/32 Scale limited edition of 300 units, each model is manufactured ready to run (RTR).

- To check availability, see the SLOT L. C. S. website and contact them by e-mail.

- The price model completely finished as ready to run (RTR), will be priced at 160€ Euros + postage shipping and may be ordered through the Web page and by contacting via e-mail.

- Concerning the future models, SLOT L. C. S. plan several sports cars of different brands will be mainly road cars from the 1980s.


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There is a Hong Kong made Testa Rossa available (Usually very cheap)

It can be made into a reasonable version of the real thing.

In fact, our Spanish friends may very well have copied that.
If anyone serious wants to recast it, let me know.

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