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SLOT L. C. S - Ferrari Testarosa

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Spain, September 2011.

- SLOT L. C. S. It is a project recently created with an aim to provide hand finished cars with quality assembly.

- The first model available is the Ferrari Testarosa 1984, manufactured in resin 1/32 Scale limited edition of 300 units, each model is manufactured ready to run (RTR).

- To check availability, see the SLOT L. C. S. website and contact them by e-mail.

- The price model completely finished as ready to run (RTR), will be priced at 160€ Euros + postage shipping and may be ordered through the Web page and by contacting via e-mail.

- Concerning the future models, SLOT L. C. S. plan several sports cars of different brands will be mainly road cars from the 1980s.


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It has indeed vanished, it could be down for an upgrade due to the amount of people trying to place an order ;-)
ha ha!

Perhaps with beer goggles and some turd polish she'll look the goods? hmm, hope it goes as good as it looks.....

Is the wing mirror an epoxy glue on effort? rad.
QUOTE (Mr.M @ 13 Sep 2011, 16:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Is that how Racer get round it?

The short answers is yes. The prancing horse symbol would be trademarked. The use of the actual Ferrari name would be debatable, as that can not be trademarked. But I suspect that lawyers being paid a lot would be able to mount a compelling arguement that the name Ferrari is synomynous with the car. For instance your surname might very well be Ferrari. And you run a butcher shop. Nothing prevents you from calling the shop Ferrari Fine Meats. If the owner sold the butcher shop and started making cars, he technically could call them Ferrari cars. In practice I suspect it would be very different once lawyers got involved.

Wow that was fast!! The word "Ferrari" and the "Ferrari emblem" have now been removed from the website!! You are now purchasing a Testarossa, not a Ferrari Testarossa.

Well that puts me off, if it ain't a Ferrari then I don't want it

Anyway, now the title of the tread should be altered as well.
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Oh dear. We all want to see new slot car ventures succeed but the quality and price is somewhere between insulting and just plain mad!
Also, a side note (not that I think it will change peoples intention on buying the car) the motor stated is a 36K scaleauto yet the picture shows a Ninco 1.

I would love to know if anyone is considering buying one, He does state its limited to just 300 ;-)
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