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Went to my local shop the other day to pick up a new slot and something else caught my eye. A Professor Motor Silver series controller. All I can say it is a HUGE improvement over my stock Ninco's. The best money I have spent on this hobby to date. They are soo smooth and the power comes on nice and even with my dual ninco power supply. I can't recommend this upgrade enough for any slot system out there!

...and i did get a car too! Carrera 69 Charger Daytona. AWESOME!

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Hi 58

Couldn't agree more the silver series are great. after using them for a while though and by comparison with parma the breaking effect is slightly less. I'm thinking about the controllable reak upgrade.

My lad is after the charger does it run nicely(slidey?)?



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Can somebody please do a comparative review or article about controllers?

There are many of us that don't know too much about this and even these things are easy to get hold of, we don't know what to go for.
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